Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Product Review: Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream

Let's keep this review short and sweet. A couple Sundays ago, I told you all I wanted to try this product. That following Monday, I went out and bought it and gave it a try. I applied it to my hair in sections and set my hair in braids over night. The product gave me a nicely defined braid out the next day.

- It smells great! (Like smarties or something.)
- Nice, light and creamy consistency
- Gave a nice hold without my hair feeling crunchy

- While it did give my hair a nice hold that wasn't crunchy, it made my hair feel a lil "weird". I don't know how to explain it. And I had the feeling that with continued use, it would build up on my hair.
- Not the most natural of ingredients: this isn't always a deal breaker for me but this time around it really felt synthetic

So, I'm not going to down this product. I simply don't like or dislike it. Maybe it will work better for other people's hair which is why I gave it away. No luv lost over here though. :D

Where to Buy:
Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream
6 oz jar: around $7
Purchase at your local beauty supply stores or http://www.naturalhair.org/

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mixtress Chronicles: Even Better Hair Wash Recipe

Thanks to one of the readers, I tried a different hair wash recipe that I like even more. She commented under my post where I put the Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash on my wishlist. I don't know her name b/c she posted as anonymous but I have to give you a big thank you grl! Thank you for sharing your recipe! I swear, I like your recipe even better! So under that post here is the recipe she shared:

- 1 Tbsp Rhassoul Clay
- 200 ml Water
- 1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar

Being the mixtress that I am, I tweaked it to go like this:
- 2 Tbsp Bentonite Clay (I used bentonite clay b/c that's what I have in the house)
- 200ml Aloe Vera Juice (use water if you like or don't have AVJ on hand)
- 1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
- 1 Tsp Honey

I can't speak for hers because I've never used rhassoul clay before (even though I've heard fabulous things about it) but my mix yielded a watery mix and I liked that, actually. I applied the mix to my scalp and hair with an applicator bottle (I may try it with a spray bottle next and see) and then I massaged it into my scalp and hair. Once massaged in well, I rinsed it out and continued with my air dry routine. That's it.

Wow, my hair felt great again: super soft and smooth instantly after rinsing it out (even upon application my hair was soft and smooth feeling, no tangles). My koils were behaving and have an excellent sheen to them. Again, no need for my ACV rinse. I've seriously eliminated a step from my washing routine! I'm so excited about that. Whack, I know, but I'm still excited. Haha.

Note. When settled, my mix did separate some (maybe because I used aloe vera juice instead of water? I'm not sure.) so I kept shaking it occasionally to keep it in suspension. This mix was enough for one application for me.

I'm back to mixing again and I couldn't be happier. Which means more recipes and mishaps to share with you guys, like my shealoe disaster (a post on that soon!). Next on my list is a recipe for a styler, like a styling pudding, that gives me hold and definition. This could be shealoe but in an upcoming post, I'll share with you all how I jacked mine up and am back to the drawing board.

Happy Mixing!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mixtress Question: How to Tone Down the Scent of a Product?

To all my fellow mixtress' in crime, I pose a question to you: Is there a way to tone down the scent of a hair care product if the fragrance is too strong?

I really, really like the Shea Moisture Curl & Style Conditioning Milk but I had to stop using it because the scent was too strong for me and was nauseating me after a while. I was heart broken that this was why I had to stop using it. If I could find out a way to tone it down or even neutralize the scent, I would gladly start using it again.

If you have any suggestions, please share!

Especially since Walgreens is having a BOGO sale on Shea Moisture products from March 27th till April 2nd!

Naturals Can Use Hot Air Brushes Too!

I am a living testiment that we can. I absolutely adore mine (pictured above): Hot Tools Anti-Static Ion Hot Air Brush. Mine has two attachments. I use the concentrator nozzle attachment to stretch out my roots for quick volume and the brush attachment for an effortless blow out.

Don't be intimidated by the bristles of the brush attachment. I was at first but bravely tried it out and to my surprise, they didn't break my hair. All the hair that was in the brush were shed hairs.

I like that it's smaller than a traditional blow dryer and it dried my medium density hair with a soft and smooth finish in a short amount of time. In my experiences, this tool works best on damp hair that has had a leave in and "heat protectant" (I like grapeseed oil for my heat protectant) applied.

Where to Buy:
Hot Tools Anti-Static Ion Hot Air Brush
Price around: $20-27
Your local beauty supply stores, possibly: Walmart, Target, drugstores
Or you can get it from Amazon.com: see below

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mixtress Chronicles: Made My Own Hair Wash

So I really wanted to try the Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash and had added it to my hair wish list. When I read the top two ingredients in the hair wash were aloe vera juice and clay minerals, I couldn't justify buying it right away because I have both in my home right now. So I tried to create a comparable mix to get the same effects and I think I just might be onto something.

What I Used:
* 3.5 heaping Tbsp Bentonite clay
* 1 Tbsp Apple cider vinegar
* 1 Tbsp Grapeseed oil
* 1 squirt of Honey
* 5 fl oz Aloe vera juice
* Water - kept adding till a thin paste consistency was achieved

I had a lot left over for future applications. I simply stored in a cool, dim area in my bathroom. ***EDIT 3/27/11: Upon further observations, I do not recommend you storing left overs unrefrigerated and for longer than 2 weeks. You run the risk of it molding. I either recommend storing it as I just shared or lessen the recipe so that it can be used up in 1-2 applications.***

O. M. GEEEEEEE! The results were nothing short of amazing. I may have eliminated another step in my hair washing routine: ACV rinse. When I rinsed the hair wash out, my hair felt so soft n smooth like it does when I do an ACV rinse so it wasn't necessary. So now all I need is this mud wash, no ACV rinse needed.

{Braid Out after using my homemade hair wash}

My hair felt so good, all I did was air dry my hair in braids with just my shealoe mix. When I took the braids down in the morning my hair felt NICE; it was so soft, moisturized and had a great sheen to it. In the future, I think I still may add a leave in but it's nice to know I don't neccessarily need to use one for soft and hydrated hair results.

Maybe I don't need to get that Terressentials one afterall.....

Thursday, March 24, 2011

On the Wish List: Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash

Naptural85 sings its praises to high heavens and I'm interested in seeing if I will too. It's an all natural, synthetic chemical ingredients free, hair cleanser. Think of it as bentonite clay minus all the preparation and mixing. I'm thinking about giving it a try once I use up my current hair cleanser, Dr. Bronner's Shikakai Soap, and my current bentonite clay stash. I like that they have a sample size for $4 so you can try it.

Check out Naptural85 's vid below on the hair wash:

Have any of you used it? Thoughts?

Where to Buy
Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash
2 fl oz sample size: $4
8 fl oz bottle: $10.75
16 fl oz bottle: $20.50

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blow Out Your Roots for Lift and Length

{Day 1 of a braid out that I blew out the roots for increased length and volume}

If your shrinkage is off the chain like me, then the day after you wash your hair and you take your braids or twists down your hair is looking mad small. Usually this doesn't phase me and by the 2nd or 3rd day, my hair is back to the volume and length I like. But when I have somewhere to be and want the fro bigger on that 1st day hair, I use my hot air brush (I use the concentration nozzle on it) to stretch out the roots some for volume and show some more of my length.

Hot Tools-1000 Watt 1-1/2" Anti-Static Ion Hot Air Brush
{The hot air brush I use: Hot Tools Professional Anti-Static Ion Hot Air Brush}

Give it a try. If you don't have a hot air brush, your regular blow dryer will do. Just make sure that you use a concentration nozzle attachment on it to receive optimal results.

For obvious reasons, like heat damage, you may not want to do this frequently. Remember, too much of anything isn't good for you. But as always, everyone's hair is different; so listen to your hair, do what you like and makes you happy.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On the Wish List: Karen's Body Beautiful Super Silky

Product pusher alert! I will be doing posts of some products I want to try so I'm just warning you now, if you're a product junkie, you just may be influenced to add some additional products to your list. Lol.

Looks like this Super Silky by Karen's Body Beautiful is right up my alley. I really like my Bee Mine Deja's Hair Milk but I like to have options if I can't get my hair milk fast enough (I haven't found a brick & mortar location that sells it and when I order it online, it's takes 2 weeks to receive the product and I have to then pay for shipping.). This is a light moisturizer for those with wavy, fine, and/or medium density hair. Fine, medium density hair = MY HAIR! I have tried various products of hers with success (You all know I'm crazy about her moisturizing lotion) and am excited to give this one a whirl.

I figure I can moisturize with this product and seal with my shealoe mix. Hmm... Let's see what happens. I may try it soon b/c I am thinking of becoming a brand ambassador for her brand. I really enjoy her products and figure why not make some money off of introducing others to the wonders of her products. I have met her various times and she has a wonderful spirit and is doing something so positive for our community.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Music that Can Mac: The Story by King

Electric soul at its best! I learned of  the fly, girl trio, King, from the recommended artists on Amazon and you know I gotta share good music with you guys. Honestly, I was initially drawn the album cover (it's dope, right?) so I clicked on it and saw that it had great ratings and was classified as electric soul. If you know me, then you know that among my favorite types of music, electro anything sounding music, esp if it's paired with soul, R&B or funk music, is in that mix as well. I listened to the samples of the songs, instantly fell in music luv and bought it on the spot. My favorite song on this 3 song, EP is Supernatural. It so reminds me of Stevie Wonder: The Secret Life of Plants and puts me in a tranquil, melodic trance; a happy place. Listen here for yourself and support great music!

Get it here for a whopping $2.97. $2.97 for this great music?! It should be a crime. Lol.:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Make Up Inspiration: The Beauty of Color by Iman

Make up enthusiasts and artists, if Iman's The Beauty of Color: The Ultimate Beauty Guide for Women of Color isn't in your library, then it needs to be! This book is an awesome tool/resource for us women of color (the book is filled with women of various ethnicities). There's so much inspiration in its pages, I want to go "play" make up right now! I've always luv'd Iman and as a little girl, she was definitely one of my black beauty icons I looked up to. If only my neck were a little longer to match hers. Lol.

In the book, Iman breaks down the basics of skin care and make up application. She also shares with you how to create various looks from natural looks to glam. I recommend getting it on Amazon because you can get it gently used for really cheap. I bought mine gently used for $1.99! Plus shipping, it cost me under $10 and was here before a week had passed. :D

Friday, March 18, 2011

Natural OG, LadyKPNyc, is Back!

My favorite natural hair vlogger of all time is back! Ladykpnyc is an OG in the natural hair vlogger stratosphere and is the inspiration for many natural hair YouTubers now, myself included. She, CurlyChronicles, RusticBeauty, ItsMeHeatherNicole and and a handful of others at the time, circa 2008 and earlier, were a small and emerging sub-culture on YouTube then and revolutionized the ideas of natural hair care and styling. Natural hair vlogging wouldn't be where it is today without them, I'm convinced!

She ended her 2-3 year hiatus from YouTube today. I will be forever grateful to and for her because I learned how to care for and style my hair from her videos. Her videos had me excited to become a natural. I couldn't wait to try out all the techniques, products and hairstyles that she did. She really helped me to love and appreciate our hair texture and that there was nothing bad or unmanageable about our hair; we simply had to change our mindsets and hair care practies. I also can identify with her because we both have fine strands and hair of medium to low density so her videos really helped me out a lot when I was transitioning and hungry for information on how to care for my hair once I chopped the relaxed ends off. I am beside myself with glee that she is back! Her hair looks amazing.

Check out her channel and subscribe! She said that she will try to do a vid about once a week. Yay!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Black Owned Beauty Supply Store, Symmetry Boutique, is Ready for e-Commerce

A little while back, I featured black owned beauty supply store, Symmetry Boutique. It is the only of its kind in most of New Jersey and in the country. The beauty supply store recently launched their e-Boutique for those of you who can't make it into the shop. Check out the site, it looks great, when you get a chance and spread the word. Let's keep our money in our community. :D

Symmetry Boutique

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random Natural Hair Thoughts

* I don't think I care if my hair reaches waist length when stretched anymore. That's a lot of hair! I'd be happy with anything between BSL and MBL.....

* Wow, there's some serious animosity towards heat training (an explanatory post on this coming soon for those who don't know what it is.). If it's not your hair, what's it to you? It doesn't kill you. My goodness, you used to RELAX your hair for crying out loud!

* Natural hair a phase or a fad? Yes and no. For some it's a hairstyle like anything else, for others they're over relaxers and will rock the infinite versatility of hairstyles as a natural.

* I've reached natural hair nirvana. Luv my hair, luv my texture, luv my length, luv the styling versatility. I don't think I will go back to relaxing my hair.

* Natural hair meet ups are so much fun!

* Almost daily, I find another natural hair site. I love all the resources out there.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

On the Wish List: Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream

Looks like it would be good for setting my hair for styles like twist outs, braids outs, curly fros and twist n curls. On the website, http://www.naturalhair.org/, it boasts having a hold to it and easily rinsing out with no build up.

Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream
Where to Buy: local beauty supply stores, http://www.naturalhair.org/
Price: $8 (6 fl. oz.)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Teedra Moses Lionhearted the Mixtape

{CLICK HERE to download it free}

Happy Friday kurlies. My gift to you is free music. Free, good R&B music. I've been a fan since of Teedra Moses she came out with her debut album, Complex Simplicity, about 6, 7 years ago. Her Royal Patience mixtape (visit her site http://www.teedramoses.net/ to download it for free) is fiyah and this mixtape, Lionhearted the Mixtape, is no different. My favorite track is My Love.

Click the link above to download it for free!

I'm so excited for her second album to drop soon.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Don't Sleep on E.L.F. Studio Collection Brushes

For the few dollars they cost, E.yes L.ips F.ace make up brushes are good. I like their $1 brushes but am now digging their studio collection so if you're feeling shi-shi, you can upgrade to their studio collection of brushes that are a whopping $3 a piece.

I have the studio collection blush brush and their eye shadow brush and I like them both a lot. The studio brushes boast soft, synthetic bristles (which means no animal cruelty going on) and ergonomic handles. Next time I am in Target, I plan to get the powder brush, complexion brush and contour brush from the studio collection.

All of these brushes I've talked about and many of the $1 brushes, I use in my professional make up kit. You read right. I beat clients faces with $1 and $3 brushes! Use what works. Sometimes cheap works, sometimes it doesn't. In this instance, cheap is working for me. :D

Check out this vid below. You can get the whole set of studio brushes for just $30! I plan to get two of these: one for my kit and one for my personal use.

You can get E.L.F. brushes at your nearest Target: http://www.target.com/, if you live in NYC: Jack's 99cent store (only the $1 ones though. They don't carry the studio collection.), or online at http://www.eyeslipsface.com/

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Turn to Review the Tangle Teezer

Yep, this is a band wagon I got on. I fought the good fight till I just gave in and I'm glad that I did. I like it. Check out my vid below:

What  do you guys think about the Tangle Teezer?

Where to Buy
http://www.sallybeauty.com/  for $9.99

Going-Natural No More Knots Leave-In Detangling Spray- http://www.going-natural.com/ for $10

Monday, March 7, 2011

Top 5 Natural Hair Mistakes

This video from NewNaturalista: www.youtube.com/newnaturalista , shares what they feel are the top 5 mistakes a new or old kinky-kurly girl can make.

Some of the opinions I think are subjective/individual. There are many who can wear their hair out and  suffer minimal breakage and such.

On my list of the Top 5 Natural Hair Mistakes:

1) Having expectations for your hair before you do the big chop. This can set you up for disappointment if you don't have the hair texture you envisioned or may have desired. Adopt the mindset that your texture, whatever it will be, that you will rock it out and stop traffic with it. All hair textures are pretty when well taken care of.

2) Not doing your research while growing your relaxer out and once all the relaxed ends have been cut off. There should be no reason why you should run out of methods, products and techniques to try to get your hair right. Keep trying till you find what works. Even God took 7 days to create the earth and everything in it! It won't happen over night, that's why it's so often called a journey.

3) Still feeding into the European standard of beauty: It's going to be hard to keep this mentality and like your hair natural. You will, more than likely, be conflicted and instead of loving all hair textures, you'll go back to relaxing or you'll keep it straightened not b/c it's an option or preference but because you feel that's the only way you will look nice. Make sense?

4) Obsessing over getting the perfect curl: Want the perfect curl? Get a wig or a weave. That's the only way you'll get it. Other than that, it simply doesn't exist. Nature does what it wants; not what's perfect. You have to come to terms with your hair and style from there. No one's perfect. Your body isn't even anatomically perfect! Why put that pressure on your hair? Lol.

5) Thinking the grass is greener on the other side: Please stop this. All hair types and curl patterns are beautiful and have their pro's and cons. Stop putting some over others. They're just different is all; nothing more, nothing less.

What do you feel are some natural hair mistakes?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Natural Hair Community Intellect

Lesley, grown up Girl Scout and blogger, at the Leifsdottir presentation in the Flatiron District.
{Image from Le Coil: http://lecoil.tumblr.com }

Kurlies, if you didn't know, YouTube is an awesome resource period. I swear, you can learn how to do just about anything on there. It's also great for the natural hair community. On there we share tips, techniques, styles, our hair journeys and what's working and isn't working for us and also spark thought provoking conversations and dialogues.

I was on my typical Saturday morning, natural hair video watching spree on YouTube and stumbled upon a vid by Black Woman Scholar: http://www.youtube.com/blackwomanscholar discussing the pros and cons of the online natural hair community. I liked her points and perspectives on the matter. So get intellectual with me, check it and share your thoughts! She disabled embedding the vid so please CLICK HERE to view it.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Natural Hair: THERE ARE NO RULES!!!!

Check me out:

I can't stress enough: the blogs, websites and Youtube videos aren't law. They are guidelines to help you along your journey.

Stay naturally fly :D

Friday, March 4, 2011

What Does Your Hair Like?

{Image from Kwesi Abbensetts}

It's good to pay attention to what your hair likes- responds positively to. Once you do, you'll find that your hair will look and feel its best. My hair likes:

* Water: Many types of hair mists launch my hair into happy hair orgasms

* Shealoe: This is a mix of shea butter and aloe vera gel. I mix both 50/50 and add grapeseed oil; my hair eats it up with a spoon. It's the only way my hair will play nice with shea butter.

* Henna

* Oils: Like castor oil, coconut oil and grapeseed oil especially. I mix all three into one oil mix.

* Aloe vera gel/juice and/or aloe vera gel/juice based products

* My homemade conditioning hair treatments

What does yours like?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fro Fashion Week Re-Cap

I couldn't make it but after watching this re-cap vid, I def wanna try to get there for it in September! Fro Fashion Week went down recently in Atlanta, GA for the first time. And from the looks of the vid and the success I keep reading on Twitter, it looks like it will be around for a long time! Tarin Boone, the creator of the event did a fabulous job. It's so inspiring to see our people and us kinky-kurly ladies doing it up. For those who either didn't know about it or couldn't make it, we can live vicariously through this vid below from Thirsty Roots: www.youtube.com/thirstyroots

Tarin also has a fabulous website named Naturally Me Media: http://www.naturallymemedia.com/ Check it out!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Giving Glycerin Another Try???

I'm contemplating giving glycerin another try. I read an article over at The Natural Haven: http://thenaturalhaven.blogspot.com/ about glycerin and vegetable glycerin. The end of her article read: Can glycerin absorb water from your hair? There is no evidence of this when using glycerin mixed with water. In theory glycerin prefers to hang on to water therefore once mixed with water, it is in its most stable state."

Please notice that this last part said when using glycerin mixed with water. If you use glycerin alone or without water present then this may not apply. So, when mixed with water in a spritz, I should be good? I want to like glycerin again. My hair used to love it. Maybe it was not the glycerin that my hair hated but the other stuff that it was mixed with? Or maybe it was another product that I used that didn't jive with it? Maybe it's fallen out of its "I hate glyercin" phase?Who knows. I may be open to giving it another chance but we'll see.


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