Native Spirit Oracle Card Reading for October 2016

Native Spirit Oracle cards for our October 2016 reading

The month is almost over; man, did it go by fast! It was exceptionally busy for me with great things that I will share soon enough. Because this month was exponentially busy, I didn't do an oracle reading for September so the beginning of October's oracle reading is a one card pull to summarize this month and what to keep in mind for what is left of it.

Native Spirit Oracle card reading for 
September 2016.
Check out the audio below to learn what
this card means.

This October, Native Spirit encourages us to start thinking about how we want to finish out this year and what we want for next year and to start sowing our seeds for next year's harvest. 

For more details on this message and the other messages that came up for the month of October, check out the reading below.

If you have questions, you can leave them in the comments and/or if you'd like your own personal reading, you can email me at As always, the oracle readings are not specific to or aimed at any religious faith. Anyone from any background can find these messages helpful and encouraging along their journey. Wishing everyone a great rest of this month and an amazing October.

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