AGrlCanMAC means A Grl Can M.old A.nything to C.reate her reality. She's a fly girl who knows who she is and what she wants. She's aware that SHE is the captain of her ship and possesses the power to manifest anything she wants with the mastery of her mind. She sees setbacks as things happening FOR her and to teach her. She leans into challenges for opportunities to grow. She finds beauty and inspiration all around her and is an intuitive thinker, open minded, a stylista in her own right and passionate. 


AGrlCanMAC's envisions itself as a safe space for women to explore their harmony, peace and joy. Competition, down talk and envy don't exist here because every woman is worthy, a boss in her own right and far greater than just her hair texture, hair length, skin tone, waist-to-hip ratio or dress size. AGrlCanMAC sees women make moves from joy, intuition, knowledge and wisdom. They never fail, they learn lessons. They have options, choices, hobbies and things that they're involved in. They host mastermind groups, they care about the environment, they have families and community and they live on purpose. 


"I want us all to make it and have the lives we dream of. We live in an infinite universe of abundance, there is enough room for all of us to live well."- Milan, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of  AGrlCanMAC

AGrlCanMAC's mission is to remind women that they are fly the way they are and encourage self awareness and self mastery. Our intentions reach beyond simply looking good and, instead, aspire to inspire living full and harmoniously. AGCM stands by creating and sharing content that can be helpful tools in enrichment and enhancement. We aspire to inspire women to have fun, have pride in themselves, challenge themselves, know they ARE worthy, pursue their passions, build generational wealth, form and nurture healthy relationships, seek knowledge and share ideas. The mission is to encourage LIVING WELL and authentically in our own rights.


Hi, my name is Milan Staples and I am the founder and editor-in-chief of AGrlCanMAC, thank you for visiting! I am a New York City based wordsmith, artist, Reiki Grand Master Teacher and holistically fly beauty and wellness enthusiast. I see myself as a Where in the World is Carmen San Diego meets Claire Huxtable kinda woman. When I'm not writing, you can find me reading a book or journaling, at the park or beach,  traveling, at a live music performance, in the kitchen cooking to afrobeat jams or somewhere dancing.

To learn more about my other creative and professional endeavors, visit www.milanstaples.com