AGrlCanMAC means A Grl Can M.old A.NYTHING to C.reate her reality. She's a fly girl who's mind is her playground and is aware that she possesses the knowledge and mastery of the power of her thoughts. She uses anything to mold and shape her realities to what she wants them to be. She sees setbacks as perceptions and adjusts her mindset to view obstacles and challenges as opportunities for growth. She finds beauty and inspiration all around her and is an intuitive thinker, open minded, a stylista in her own right, passionate, driven, and humble. A Grl Can that can MAC understands that her life's purpose is to have fun and further expand love. She receives love, gives love, creates different kinds of love (think shoes, starting or cherishing family, running that marathon or a plane ride across the globe) and is an expansion of love.


AGrlCanMAC's vision is of an environment where women of color are celebrated, uplifted and kickin butt every minute, second and millisecond of each day. Competition and envy don't exist because every woman knows the truth: that she is a boss in her own right and everyone's shine complements the other in the same room or shines just as bright alone. What's for each of us, as individual women, is for us and we live in abundance. We live intuitively fabulous lives in a modern world and call on both Eastern and Western medicine to take our own and our families' health and wellness seriously. We meditate with candles lit while Tupac plays softly in the background. We rock our highly textured hair in a multitude of styles and lengths and emblazon our lips with confidence and an absence of fear. We carry the manuscript of our book inside of our tote bag that was handcrafted by women artisans in Ethiopia while eating organic, grass fed hamburgers or vegan, chickpea burgers at salon style gatherings with our girlfriends. We want all of us to win and see ALL women of color as multi-dimensional, worthy and capable. We are on the fast track to healthy and whole lives so we can help and heal the world. In our lens, our magic is limitless and AGrlCanMAC fosters and encourages an attitude of flyness and fearlessness so we can all rise up together. Who run the world?


"I want us all to make it and have the lives we dream of. We live in an infinite universe of abundance, there is enough room for all of us to live well."- Milan, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of  AGrlCanMAC

AGrlCanMAC proudly accepts the mission to be a haven of all things that are holistic and fly to women of color. Our intentions reach beyond looking good and aspire to living full and balanced lives in all aspects. AGCM stands by creating and sharing content that can be helpful tools in enrichment and enhancement. We aspire to inspire women to have fun, have pride in themselves, challenge themselves, know they ARE worthy, pursue their passions, make and grow money, form and nurture healthy relationships, seek knowledge and share ideas. Each day is another chance to create material that inspires women to walk into their birthright of the living well, however that looks to them.  Let's be wealthy in finances and in spirit, be in great health, invest in each other and identify and walk towards our dreams and achieve them no matter how big or small we deem them as. The mission is to encourage LIVING WELL in our own rights.


AGrlCanMAC pledges to add a voice to women of color.
AGrlCanMAC pledges to breed pride, positivity, encouragement and inspiration
To women of color all over the world.
Our content will intend to build up and empower,
Seek truth and freedom,
Educate and inspire,
And cultivate holistic flyness, independent thinking and game changing.
With fly pumps and finances,
Small victories and large gains,
A few setbacks and strong comebacks,
AGrlCanMAC pledges to be the rock
Spreading assurance and love
And will always champion for
Celebrating women of color's importance, beauty and magic.


Hi, my name is Milan Staples and I am the founder and editor-in-chief of AGrlCanMAC, thank you for visiting! I am a New York City based writer, artist and holistically fly beauty and wellness enthusiast with a passion for adventure and most importantly, living a full and balanced life. I'm somewhere between a minimalist and a maximist and am a self proclaimed accessories junkie with an overactive imagination and a zest for life. I describe myself as positive, spiritual, fun, driven and creative.

I am a proud introvert and but still imagine myself as Where in the World is Carmen San Diego kinda woman. Though I really enjoy my own company, I crave learning and expansion and enjoy being out and about, meeting new people and trying new things. I have a quiet strength that often intimidated me but it challenges me to learn and master it. You can find me just about anywhere reading a book or journaling, traveling the world with adventures on the horizon, in the kitchen cooking to Little Brother or The Foreign Exchange jams or out and about with my girlfriends enjoying life.

To learn more about my other creative and professional endeavors, please visit www.milanstaples.com 

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