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Tour Every Country in Africa!

As a black American that is a product of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, I am of African descent. I want to learn more about the continent that my ancestors came from and that their slave masters brain washed and beat out of them feeling connected to. Traveling to South Africa in the summer of 2014 also totally blew my mind more than I had anticipated. It's a feeling that I still can't fully form into words that encapsulates everything I felt and still feel. Even though my ancestors weren't from that region of the continent, I couldn't help but feel like I was "home". Yes, I am American but being in the continent of Africa felt like home, it just did. I want to travel to every country there (Ghana is likely next and then Rwanda!). With the money not in my bank account just yet to embark on all of that, lol, the idea to virtually visit and tour every country in Africa came to me. How fun! I love using my imagination and this was the perfect project to exercise…

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