Pictures and Video Disclosure

Many times, I share pictures and videos that I find inspiring and want to share for encouragement and educational purposes. Any pictures or videos that are not mine personally (from 2010 and beyond), the credit (and a link) is always displayed right below them OR at the end of the post. If you see any of your media on the site and have a problem with that, email with proof that it is yours and it will be taken down.

As for my own personal pictures and videos that I edit and share for the blog on here, I do not mind if you share them as long as you credit me. If I find my pictures without credit, I will contact you to add the credit or take them down if I don't want to be associated with the platform. It is the internet but that doesn't condone disrespect, bad behavior or misusing things that don't belong to you. Using images that aren't your own without giving credit is no different than plagiarism  Share pictures and media responsibly. :)

I edit my pics with It's a free software that is pretty comparable to Adobe Photoshop and did it's FREE 99!

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