The Best Detangling Brush for Natural Hair: Detangler Brush by Felicia Leatherwood

Detangling, the bane of a kurly girl's existence, right?

As a kurly girl myself, I have tried a bunch of different brushes and combs from the rake comb, Magic Star comb, Tangle Teezer, Denman brush, shampoo comb, etc. Some did nothing to write home about and others snagged and tore my hair to pieces but I am happy to share a detangling brush that I love with you in hopes that it will help you and that you may love to.

I sometimes live under a rock so it was only recently that I learned one of the top natural hair stylists to the stars, Felicia Leatherwood, developed and sold a detangling brush. I absolutely adore Felicia; I have met her and attended a Loving Your Hair workshop before. She's warm, a professional and an excellent teacher of natural hair awesomeness so as a consumer, I feel that I can trust her and anything she puts her name on and I'm ecstatic that she ventured into creating this brush.

I appreciate the wide handle for an easy and solid grip and I love that the bristles move with your hair. This means the bristles are not stationary and glide through your hair as opposed to raking through your hair. I have very coily hair and instead of snagging and ripping through my hair, it smoothes and detangles with great ease and little to no breakage. For us fine and lower density natural hair gals, this is a plus because it doesn't rip what hair we have on our head. Our hair is already most prone to breakage if we're not mindful and this brush helps with my fine, medium density hair to only detangle and easily catch and collect shed hair. Its great for those with thicker hair who may or may not be tenderheaded. Those transitioning to natural hair may take a liking to this brush as well as it will move with both textures of hair as it comes through and lastly, former or current finger detanglers may like this because it can smooth your hair with more ease and efficiency than you fingers can.

The brush also encourages smoothing and clumping of kinks, koils and kurls like a dream. I like this brush better than the, curly girl favorite, Denman brush. Lastly, I love that the brush was developed by a woman who's hair is like ours for hair like ours. Felicia currently rocks a fade but she has hair like us, when it's longer- lol, and does hair like ours for a living. So the intention and full understanding of what we need for this staple component of our hair care is real.

As with any other detangling comb or brush, I recommend dampening the hair with either a little water or applying an agent with slip like conditioner or a hair moisturizer first before using this brush. I haven't tried it on dry hair and don't intend to because for my natural hair, combing my hair dry no matter what kind of comb or brush it is, is never a good idea. Lol.

I think I know a good Christmas gift for some people already. Have you tried Felicia Leatherwood's new detangling brush? What do you think about it? And if you haven't, are you interested in trying it?

Felicia Leatherwood detangling brush
$14 (worth every penny and it ships fast!)

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TNelly said…
Definitely will check youtube for some videos on this one. Thanks for sharing!