Beaches Remake & Girl Friendships

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Here at AGrlCanMAC, women are not viewed as competition; they are revered as allies. When I learned that Lifetime was filming a remake of Beaches, starring Nia Long as Hillary Whitney and Idina Menzel as CC Bloom, I knew that I wanted to tune in. I hadn't watched the original in years and I think Lifetime did a good job with this one. I swear I was fine until the last 10 or 15 minutes and then I busted out in tears out of nowhere! It such a beautiful story of two women navigating life spanning over a 30 year friendship.

Beaches conveys the blessing of friendships and sisterhood between women. I have some amazing close girlfriends and I am so thankful for them. We have taken turns picking each other up off of the floor. We've kept it real with each other, shared our fears and excitements with each other, we've gotten into mischief together, we've called each other crying or shown up at the front door crying, we've celebrated important milestones in life together and we've encouraged and invested in each other. Without the enriching energies from these friendships, I don't know what my life would be like.

I also have influential women that I have met and have become my friends, women that have mentored me along my path and dope soRHOrs that add to my life in ways I can't always quantify. Sisterhood is a vital part of personal development and growth for women and such a huge part of why helping young girls and other women is major for me. It's a huge factor in why I started this blog and why I can never really walk away from AGrlCanMAC either. The friendships I have amassed because of my involvement in the blogging and social media world may not have been possible without this platform.

Rwandan girlfriends posing in style. {Image Source}

I also love that the movie captured the beauty of two women from different walks of life and socio-economic statuses adding to each others' lives and forging a genuine and strong bond. CC was a singer and actress and Hillary was a lawyer/attorney legacy. We are often told that birds of a feather flock together but now always. My closest best friend has a different life than me. She enrolled into the Army right out of high school and completed her college degree last year, married young and has kids. She lives in a quiet suburban area in upstate New York, is a health care professional and has been a home owner for years. I went to one of the largest universities in country straight out of high school and then moved to New York City after graduating. I am not married yet and have no children yet, live in a small Brooklyn apartment and am a writer, visual artist and fashion/beauty professional. We have different lives and are as close as ever. We have poured into each others lives in significant ways just like in the movie. Friendships are so much about the connection and less about the perceived similarities or differences, they exceed lifestyles and appearances and simply are there for your growth, your support and your joy.

Did you watch the Beaches remake? If so, what did you think of it and take away from it? How have your friendships with women enhanced your life?

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