May 2020 Favorites

May has been another month of shelter-in-place for many American states across the country. By this month, I surrendered to the mandate and decided to just be fully present for it all. No more languishing from it, lamenting over it, fearing it or resisting it. I'm here for this time and what it's meant to teach me. When the outside opens up and my calendar fills again with all kinds of fun and lucrative endeavors and events, I will miss this stillness that I didn't have to "make time for" and be glad that I just simply allowed myself to relish in it.

Below is list of a few of my favorite things from this month. Check them out and feel free to share some of yours.

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Savage Remix - Megan Thee Stallion ft. Beyonce
The new single dropped the last day of April and it has been on repeat all month. This song has cleaned the house with me, accompanied me around my neighborhood on my weekly runs and inspired dance breaks out of nowhere. I also enjoy the song because I love to hear sistas sound unabashedly, confident in themselves and their flyness. Just imagine what even greater impact the world would feel if all women talked more highly of themselves and their greatness.

The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Morgan and Michael Lennington
I was introduced to The 12 Week Year  (affiliate link) by a Youtuber I recently started following. Increasing productivity and working smarter has always been my motto, so I was curious to see how this one differed from other productivity books I've learned from. The book inspires readers to abandon the annualization of goals and adopt a greater sense of urgency so that you begin to make each day and week count and get more done in a 12 weeks than you would in 52. I'm ready to test drive this method for 1-2 things to start and make observations.

Running With a Weighted Backpack
Before the pandemic slowed us all down, I was NOT a gym membership holder so home workouts were already a part of my lifestyle. However, late last month, I started to feel like my body/legs wanted more challenge. All month for my weekly runs, I took a backpack (nothing fancy) and put a 15 lb kettlebell and some cushion in it. It's a challenge for sure and I love it. I definitely feel my legs getting stronger and the muscles growing. Because it is more resistance, my typical running speed and distance covered has decreased some so my next challenge is to get back to my usual distance and timing with the weight.

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The Bounty Killer Verzuz Bee
nie Man "Battle" on IG Live
I put the word battle in quotes because it really was a celebration of dancehall music. This IG Live, on May 23, 2020 at 8pm EST, made this "different" Memorial Day weekend so lit and we didn't even have to leave our homes to enjoy. We forgave the fact that they were definitely not social distancing (!) because they gave us a SHOW. All the songs took me back to where I was and what I was doing when they originally dropped. People all across the world tuned in and many, probably, woke up sore the next day from dancing like they were in a real bashment party, late 1990's, early 2000's style. The cops even showed up and everything! What a time to be alive, right? The world needed those good vibes and I appreciate that I got to be present in that feel good joy.

What are/were some of your favorites from this month?

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