Tamanu Oil for First Aid

Yesterday while bringing groceries in the house, I discovered a cut on my finger. These incidences are often funny to me because I don't know how long ago I got the cut or how I got the cut, I never feel the cut or any pain until I finally notice it and then all the sudden; all the feelings and sensations of a cut appear out of nowhere. I know I can't be the only person that this happens to.

Upon discovering the cut, I immediately rinsed my finger with water and then applied hydrogen peroxide. Before putting on a band aid, I put a little tamanu oil on the cut because research has shown the oil to be antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and helpful in accelerating the healthy healing of minor cuts and wounds. It's great for helping creating an optimal environment for skin to regnerate well, so it also great for lightening (I didn't say vanishing them, although depending on the severity, it possible can lighten them significantly) scars and blemishes on the face and skin.

I have been using tamanu oil for my minor cuts and wounds for over a year now and, in my experiences, it works. If I cut my finger in the morning, after applying tamanu oil to the cleaned and sterilized wound (depends on how deep the cut), by the end of the day the wound has healed significantly. By the end of the following day, I am normally all good to go.

Tamanu (TAW-mah-noo) oil hails from the south east Asian regions of the world like Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, etc. It is a dark green color, so watch out- it can stain if not handled mindfully, and has a nutty-woodsy scent to it. It can be found at local health food stores or at Whole Foods, just make sure that the packaging says that it's cold pressed and that tamanu oil is the only ingredient listed. It's a more holistic alternative to a Neosporin without all of the extra stuff and preservatives. It is also said to be good at helping lessen or lighten scars. I like the Aura Cacia brand of tamanu oil and purchase it from Whole Foods.

Note that I have only used this oil on minor cuts and wounds. I do not recommend or encourage using it on severe wounds that need professional medical attention but for a scrapped knee or small cut, I feel comfortable using and suggesting this. I also would exercise caution or advise to avoid applying the oil to any wounds in the eye area simply because if it gets in your eyes, it will burn. If you do apply, use as little as possible to avoid it traveling into your eyes.

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