More Haul!

I did another mini haul on Saturday. I went to a 99 Cent store and bought 3 Jordana jumbo e/s pencils in a spring green color, a purple one, and what looked like a pink one but looks more purple on my eyse. =/ At least it only cost a buck. =) I also bought a Jordana l/s (lipstick) and gloss (l/g). The l/s is a bright pink/raspberry color. It’s a baaaaad color! I’m in love! The l/g is a very sheer hot pink/raspberry color. My grand total came to $5. =)

Once you get me started, I just can't stop! Yesterday, I was parusing Jack's 99 Cent Store for paper plates and cups and what does Milan come across? E.L.F. cosmetics and brushes all for a dollar each!!!! I bought an e/s brush and an eye liner brush. I like the e/s brush b/c it's smaller than the current one I have. I like it better than the one I have actually. I should go back and buy back ups! I also like the eye liner brush better than the one I already had. The one I have is angled but I like the E.L.F one I just bought b/c it's not angled; it's just straight across and works better. Yay! So I need to chill till next week for the MAC Cool Heat collection. I'm as giddie as a kid who can't sleep at night on Christmas Eve. LOL.