Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance

So I ran all out of my beloved Urban Decay Primer Potion e/s primer. As I walked around Sephora to the Urban Decay section to get some more of the usual, I remembered hearing about Too Faced's Eye Shadow Insurance and how good it was. So I decided to buy and try. I like the fact that it is in a tube so that I can get all the product out down to the last drop. LOL. (The UDPP has a wand in a skinny bottle so you don't get to reach what is left in the very bottom.) I put it on at 7 this morning. It's 3 now and my e/s is still hanging tough and no creasing going on; nada. I have oily lids so this is important. Once this runs out, months from now, I want to try Benefit Lemon-Aid e/s primer. I've heard rave reviews about this one as well. But anywhoo, Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance is good. If you've been eying it up, go on and buy it. It works!


Anonymous said…
hi... it's heena. my gf stole my almost finish UD primer, cracked open the bottle and it had so much in there. she filled up 2 WHOLE contact cases w/ the remainder that wouldn't come out with the wand. I want it back :-(