Product Review/Greens Eyes

My 80 Color Eye Shadow Palette set came in (It's actually split into 2 palettes of 40 e/s in each but it's a set totalling 80 colors) yesterday! I got them off of Ebay for under $20 including shipping and the color payoff is GRRRRRRR-EAT! I couldn't wait to play with them this morning.

I decided to do a green eye w/ greens from my new palette. I dont remember the numbers I used though. If you are really interested in what colors I used leave a comment and I will list what colors I used.

If you are interested in purchasing them, I bought them on Ebay fromt the seller impressive_gems. So go check them out and see if they have any left! I'm feelin them and this SHOULD put a major hold on any e/s purchases for a lil while. LOL.


shatani said…
do you find that the colors on this palette are highly pigmented?? i always have the issue that i need to keep applying layer after layer when i buy cheaper eye shadows, and against my dark skin they STILL end up lookin all ashy! lol
Milan said…
Hi Shatani. The colors in these palettes that I bought are very pigmented and when used with an eye shadow primer last all day until I wash them off.

Are you using an eye shadow primer? If not, give one a try. This will help TREMENDOUSLY in getting your eye make up to last all day. Some good ones are Urban Decay Primer Eye Shadow Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

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