Protein Conditioner: Silicon Mix Pearl Protein (Proteina de Perlas) Conditioner

Soooo. I haven’t talked much about hair really. Silicon Mix intensive conditioner is one of my all time favorite protein conditioners in the whole wide world. So when I was running dangerously low on the goods, I went to my local BSS to buy another jar of it. Low and behold, I came across this:

*Sounds of angelic choir and the harp play*

It’s Silicon Mix’s newest pearl protein conditioner and it also has silk amino acids in it. (It has keratin as well but that was in the original one too) Pearl proteins are supposed to strengthen the hair and add more shine as well. Yesssss. *Does the cabbage patch* I so love it. I might have to write the company a letter in English AAAAAAAND Spanish! One last thing, it has a strong scent/fragrance. So if you have sensitive nostrils, I’m letting you know now. LOL.


Amina said…
a friend of mine is trying this product and i was awaiting reviews...
Anonymous said…
My mother bought that today!!! It smells good. I wash my hair with the same product but instead It is a shampoo. And to tell you I have drought, scalp, capa ) I'm young with long curly hair and I don't know how to take care of it.
What's the difference between conditioner and shampoo