Trinicandy223 Contest Entry

So I entered Trinicandy223's YouTube contest, guys! I don't know if I will win, as I am new to this whole posting videos thing but it was fun and provided me with some experience so that my future videos will be better. Enjoy!

Also, I am TRANSITIONING to my natural hair! Yay! I just decided last week to just go for it. Right now, I am 3 mos post relaxer and feelin good, feelin great. So I will be posting some videos in the future with things that work good for my hair and what is helping me transition successfully. Below is one of my pics of inspiration. I will be posting more inspiration pics as time goes on.


Wow...what type of barbie is that?! She's gorge!! Great inspiration! :)
Milan said…
I know, isn't she flyy? She's from the Byron Lars Barbie Collection. This one is the "Sugar Barbie".
Amina said…
the make-up is gorgeous!!
keep us posted on the results...
congratulations on your transition :)
Eb the Celeb said…
I wish I had the guts to go natural... I still have a prob with how fair the barbie is though... unless of course she is suppose to be a mixed barbie... then it makes sense

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