Skin that GLOWS-the easy way

Who knew skin care could be this easy? Super duper easy, cheap, and GREEN, recipe for better skin.

I like to do this scrub one to two times a week. I scrub after I've cleansed my face with Dr. Bronner's magic soap (did a product review on this) or African black soap (review on this coming soon). It keeps my skin soft, healthy and glowing. This scrub is not limited to just your face, try it on your body too! I'm telling you, your skin will feel HEAVENLY and love you long time! It's easy, go on and give it a try!

NOTE: In order for it to be completely GREEN, use sugar or brown sugar that states it's ORGANIC and use 100% pure oils. Oils like Hot Six Oil or Wonder 8 oil, for example, have silicones and other ingredients that aren't oils added to them and aint nothin GREEN about that! You can use those kinds of oils if you like but just be aware your recipe won't be GREEN if you do. Thanks!


Amina said…
thank you for the recipe