Transition Month #4 (thru 6): Braided Up!

So I got micro, braids a couple weeks ago b/c I couldn't keep my hands out of my new growth. LOL. And after being hooked on various ladies' YouTube accounts where they did the BC early in the game, I was getting the urge the BC so I got braids to give myself and my hair a break. They are easy and fun. I have decided to do the rest of my transition with braids. I moisturize my hair nightly with this product:

It provides great moisture for my hair but not only that, it has many ingredients that stimulate/promote (hair) growth like peppermint oil, nettle, rosemary extract, coltsfoot, just to name a few. I moisturize my scalp and braids with this moisturizer nightly (before bed), but sometimes in the morning and evening. I sleep with a du-rag scarf tied around my head and put my braids up in a ponytail. Wake up in the morning, take my hair down, (moisturize if I feel like it,) style my hair as I desire and go. That's it! I will have another post specifically for caring for braids including washing them and how often to re-do them.