ACV-Apple Cider Vinegar

I originally heard of the concept on LHCF-Long Hair Care Forum but I didn't really consider trying it till I saw a post on ManeandChic and then I became intrigued. I’ve been cleansing my hair and scalp this way for a couple months now. I’m officially sprung and have left shampoo for it. Apple cider vinegar removes any product build up and gunk in your hair like a MUTHA. It brings hair back to its normal pH so it is a great way to follow up neutralizing and conditioning hair (Note. What I am saying is neutralize and condition your hair FIRST after a relaxer sevice and than you can do this as a rinse.) that has just received a chemical service like a relaxer. Another great thing it does is that it helps seal your cuticles and adds shine to your hair and who doesn’t like that? I like it b/c not only is it a completely green way to cleanse your scalp and hair but it’s not drying like shampoos can be and is also known to aid in stimulating hair growth.

Here’s how I suggest you give it a try: After washing and conditioning, apply a mixture of 1 part ACV to 4 parts water to your scalp and hair. I pour it on diff areas of my head first, massage it in and then dump the rest over my head with my head titled BACK so as little of it drips down my face. If some does, just make sure you rinse your face good with water before you open your eyes or it will sting! Lightly massage it in some more and let it sit for 1 to 2 mins. Please note: it will sting if it gets in your eyes so be careful! When I’m applying it to my hair, I make sure to close my eyes. While it’s sitting, I wash up in the shower. When I’m done with that, I rinse the ACV out and proceed with my drying regimen.

The smell is strong but it does go away once your hair has completely dried. So give it a try. It’s very beneficial, natural, green, non-hazardous, cheap and makes your hair look and feel fab. It can be found your local grocery or health food store. You just might join me and replace your shampoo with it too!