So in the new year, I'm trying to make even more of my hair care products. First on my list is something natural that's equivalent to something between Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding and Miss Jessie's Curly Buttercreme. I found one recipe and I'll share it here.

Since I'm braided up till May, I won't be making or trying it out till then, unless I wanted to make a batch and try it out on my lil cousin. Anywhoo, feel free to try the recipe and let me know if it works or if and how you twirked it. I got it off of on the forum from the member, Shawnette.

SHAE'S PUDDING (Curly Pudding for the financially challenged)

* 12 oz Fantasia IC Polisher gel- the olive one NOTE: I will use aloe vera gel in mine
* 5 oz shea butter
* 1 oz EVOO NOTE: I will probably use macadamia nut oil or coconut oil

I wonder what would happen if I add coconut cream (concentrate) and vegetable glycerin to the mix what would that do for it? Hmmm.........

Well if this recipe sounds good to ya, please try it out and share your results!


Anya Posh said…
Did you try it out already? How did it turn out, & what's your hair-type so I know whether to even attempt
Milan said…
LOL. My hair type is somewhere in the range of 3C/4A.

I'm still braided up so I haven't tried it out yet. I'm thinking about making a batch and playing with it on my lil cousin's hair though. I would say that her hair is around the 4A type.
Purpleola said…
Sounds interesting. hmmm. Might mix it up and try it on my daughter's hair just for her birthday. I'll let you know how it turns out.
Tiffany said…
I tried it for a wash and go and that was a no go. It stayed white in my hair. When I went back to it later, it had already grown mold, so I junked it. But I will try it again for a two strand twist style.
Milan said…
Hey Miss Tiff, thanks for sharing your results. I never got around to trying this. lol I hope it turns out better for your twists!