10 Fashion Commandments for 2009

I was checking out Urban Curlz' blog (Fellow curlies check her out. She is doing her thing over there and I'm an avid reader. She's on my blog list as well.)today and was reading her entry for today: Clutch Magazine's 10 Fashion Commandments for 2009. I agreed with it so much, I just HAD to post it on here. So listen up and take heed. LOL.

Commandment #1 Thou shalt not wear leggings as pants, baring your backsides for the whole world to see! Instead, pair leggings with casual dresses, or tunic-length shirts and sweaters. Enjoy the trend, but tastefully and in moderation.

Commandment #2 Thou shalt not show panty line, thongs, bra straps, or any other undergarments for that matter. Be a lady, and keep such personal information to yourself.

Commandment #3 Thou shalt not buy clothing that is too small, under the pretense of loosing weight to fit into it. Money spent today should be able to be used today. Besides, it’s not about the number or size on the garment, but rather the way it fits your body and makes you feel. A comfy 14 beats a too-tight 10 any day!

Commandment #4 Thou shalt not spend beyond your fashionable means. Purchasing the hottest=2 0new “it” bag means nothing if you can’t afford to go out and be seen in it, or if it will make the rent or car note past due. A Birkin bag may be fly, but you sure can’t live in it!

Commandment #5 Thou shalt experiment fearlessly with bright colors and bold accessories. Spice up a simple black ensemble with a pair of turquoise flats, for example, or a stack of beaded bangles.

Commandment #6 Thou shalt not fall victim to the trends, allowing the magazines and designers to dictate everything you wear and every piece you buy. Be yourself and wear what makes you feel most comfortable. Embrace your individuality!

Commandment #7 Thou shalt not wear shoes and boots with leaned heels. Walking sideways is not sexy!

Commandment #8 Thou shalt not assume that we all are “Sasha Fierce.” Yes we all have fierce alter egos within us, but that doesn’t mean that we should show up at the club in a leotard or one piece with some pumps on!

Commandment #9 Thou shalt understand the importance of appearance and how everything from your hair, makeup and the wrong accessories can destroy a great look. Make sure everything ties together PLEASE!

Commandment #10 Thou shalt always take one good look at themselves in the mirror from head to toe before heading out the door. Whether it’s off to work, a date with a boobie, the club, school, etc., for the next 365 days make sure it’s a look that isn’t going to garner you those side-eye stares. The goal is to be you!

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