Kurly Girl Directory

Want your curls to be healthy, pretty, and long (if you crave length)? Here's some Curly Girl friendly sites I'm addicted to that inspire me.

www.NaturallyCurly.com - They have a plethora of information, forums including ones specified for your hair type, product reviews, articles, and an online store- CurlsMart

www.LongHairCareForum.com and www.K-I-S-S.biz - Great place for women of color with curly or relaxed hair

www.motowngirl.com - Great site with tons of curly info and DIY hair care tips. When I was transitioning, I lived on this site

www.ManeAndChic.com - This girl is doin her thing. She documented her transition on there and shared her BC with everyone there as well. She provides great curly girl tips, product reviews, books, styles, and pics of curly girls takin over the fashion scene!

UrbanCurlz.blogspot.com - This chica is doing her thing too. She posts great styling and hair care tips and also posts a lot of fashion related topics as well.

www.CurlyNikki.com - I enjoy her site b/c she interviews your every day curlies about they're regimens and hairstyles, when and why they transitioned, and what regimens and hairstyles they used when they were transitioning. Loads of inspiration in these interviews!

Don't forget to check out www.YouTube.com. There are tons and tons of videos on curly hair care, products, and styling. Some of my favorite channels are:


There are many more sites I have yet to find. When I find them, I will not forget to share them with you all and add to the list. If you go to a site that you love that I haven't listed, let me know and I'll be sure to add it.

So much inspiration! Hope these sites inspire you as much as they do me!