Hair Updates and Another Wish List Item

So I'm still braided up. One thing I'm noticing, is that as much as I want to shy away from washing my hair as much, I can't. LOL. (When not braided, I wash once a week and co-wash once a week.) I was washing every 2 weeks but I'm realizing that my scalp aint havin it and is itching and building up like whoa. So, I have made the executive decision to start washing my braids weekly now. I find that with aloe vera gel and tieing my hair down, the frizzies aren't a major issue. So that's where I'm at on my braids.

I was surfing earlier today and have decided to go by the C&G (Crown & Glory) Method this whole year to reach my goal of at least EL (ear length) by December. The C&G Method is you braid your hair up for 2 months at a time. Then you take a break in between, Robin-the creator of the site recommends 2 months, and braid your hair up again for another 2 months. My breaks will be much shorter: 1 to 2 weeks. In the warmer months, they might be longer since I'll have more hair to play with and can do wash-n-gos. I plan to do this method until I reach my ultimate goal length (see pic on the side).

I also joined a Grow Out Challenge for this whole year on Naturally Curly. So I'm serious, about getting as much growth as possible this year. I will be updating my fotki as usual so you can follow my hair growth there. I will talk on here some too but there will be way more updates and pics on there. Join me if you like. Here the guidelines I created for myself:

My Grow Out Challenge Guidelines

* C&G Method: braids and kinky twists
* No direct heat
* Hair multivitamin
* Exercise 3 days a week (for at least 20 mins)
* When in between braids/kinky twists: DC once a week and co-wash 1-2 times a week

And that's it!

Yet another thing to add to my ever growing wish list. It's so hard fighting PJ'ism! Also saw on Afro Detangler:

Hear rave reviews about this product. You guessed it, it's a great detangling conditioner. It'll cost you about $60 (shipping included in that) but it lasts you anywhere from 8 months to a year! If it lasts you a year, you only paid $5 a month for it. So, in many cases, you are actually saving money. I use a great detangler now but it's $10 and lasts me a month so Afro Detangler is looking very appealing to me and since I'm doing C&G, I should easily get more than a year thus saving even more money. And that's always music to my ears!

Stay blessed and beautiful!

****Picture on top left: "Allure" by Frank Morrison****