Happy New Year! This picture embodies what I want 2009 to be filled with: more effortless style, relaxing, traveling and fun! I worked at planting good seeds in 2008 so let's get our good harvest on this year! 2009 is going to be a great year. I know it and can feel it. I'm claiming all my blessings God is going to bless me with so LET'S GET IT!

Things To Do In 2009

* Pay off credit cards
* TRAVEL as much as I can this year/visiting friends
* Have more fun: Find it
* Get my side hustles seriously supplementing my income this year
* Go back to my salsa lessons :0)
* Decorate my place (just moved back in October)
* Get back on my sewing tip

What do you want to do in this year?

I just want to enjoy my life a whole lot more this year. I spent last year making hard decisions, experiencin a lot of changes, making sacrafices and purging some people and things in my life I should have let go a while ago so that I could live and enjoy my life to its fullest potential. 2009 is all MINE! Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and prosporous new year. :0)


Sarah Brooke said…
You salsa dance too? My sister does and some latinas get intimidated from her since she can do the moves and some of them can't lol.
I don't do salsa but I'd love to. I do Zumba, its Reggaeton, hiphop, arabic in the mix. Its really cool & fun!
Jessica said…
Hiya, I just found your blog from your youtube videos. I like what I see. I too feel like 09 will be divine for God's peeps. I decided to dust off my sewing machine too so we'll see.
I BC on 12/7, your twa looks nice!
Milan said…
Hey Sarah, yes I salsa dance too! I took classes for a lil over a year but stopped for a while and now I miss it terribly and want to go back. I luv it. My mom does Zumba and she luvs it. I will have to try out Zumba b/c I hear how much fun it is too.
Milan said…
Hi Jessica, I'm glad that you enjoy my vids and the blog especially since I have so much fun doing it. Congrats on your BC! Don't you just feel so liberated? LOL. I used to think those girls were crazy when they described it as that but that's how it felt for me! How long did you transition for?