Marilyn Monroe Watch Out!

You aint got nothin on my girl after I beat her face! LOL. Me and some friends went out to an Obama Party last night at 31 Rockwell Place in downtown Brooklyn. My girl asked me to hook her up and I gladly obliged. She loved it. I loved it and we had a really good time last night. Obama yall!!!!!

My friend is a curly girl. In case you were wondering, the hairstyle she's rockin is a roller set on the orange cold wave rods(w/ a lil EVOO on each section before rolling) she did on a 1-2 week old Dominican blow out. She rolls her hair every night, w/ a lil oil on each section, to keep her blow outs fresh and fly. (Cold wave rods are waaay more comfortable to sleep on than your usual rollers.) When we were getting ready, she rolled her hair up again and close to right before we left she took them down and voila: Full, bouncy, shiny curls!