More Books!

"Bobbi Brown Make Up Manual" is a great book. I got it from the library to check it out before purchasing and after inhaling it in one sitting, I'm so buying this book for keeps sake. Thanks to Amazon, I hardly ever pay full price for books so that's where I will buy it. I like her book b/c it's easy to read and really provides you with the fundamental techniques for applying make up and how to look great. It's not a look book that shows how to do the bold looks like you see on the YouTube tutorials n such so if that's what you are looking for, then this is not the book for you. But if you are interested in techniques for applying make up that looks flawless, then you might want to add this book to your collection. I feel I am very good at applying make up and I learned so much from this book and it's a great point of reference. So even you ladies that are more experienced, can get something from this book. Bobbi also includes a chapter sharing tips on how to get in the business and get your portfolio poppin. As an aspiring freelance make up artist, myself, I was all over this chapter.

Now on to some hair books.......

I know all you curly ladies have heard about the "Curly Girl" book by Lorraine Massey. Get it if you don't have it already! All my transitioning ladies, get this book. This is a great point of reference book for curly ladies; it really helps you understand your curls and what they need. For all my "mixologists", she provides some great hair recipes too. I have this book and really like it. This is another easy read. You can easily finish it cover to cover in a couple hours, less than that if you're a speed reader. The information in there is invaluable and most importantly, works! (Now, I will admit, the no shampoo mentality that she supports isn't for everyone but I suggest you try it for a couple weeks if you haven't. If nothing else, I bet you will reduce your shampoo usage, use sulfate free ones or use other methods to cleanse your hair and scalp like ACV mix (which I use and LUV!) or baking soda mix, etc.)

All my LHCF and Fotki ladies know about Chicoro. Her hair is bomb, right? She's def one of my natural hair inspirations and shed a different light on my views of natural hair before I just recently became natural. And she just recently wrote a book! I'm so on it. After I post this post, I'm buying my copy from Amazon. So far, there are 2 reviews up and they say great things. For any that have talked to her on LHCF or via Fotki, you know she is coo and mad encouraging. Once I've read the book, I will post my thoughts on the book. I have a feeling it will be very good though and be another good book for reference to me. If you copped this book, share your thoughts. I believe Amazon is the only place you can get this book. If you have heard otherwise, please let me know and I'll update this post.

Note: I give a lot of shout outs to Amazon b/c I absolutely adore the site and get many things from there. They have received loads of my hard earned dough. LOL. And I feel that they have some great deals. Many times, it's cheaper to get books from there even with shipping included, than it is to buy it at the store. And for me, right now, I'll take any savings available to me!