Now We're Cookin: Rice

What's more chic and stylish than cooking great food (for your man or your friends and family)? Cooking is fast becoming a fun thing for me. I can cook your basics and not burn them but I want to eventually be that lady that cooks chic and tastey meals that people can't get enough of and entertains "intimate" groups of friends in my fly loft apartment or small condo with an "excellent view" of whatever it is that's good to view. Hey, dream in color or don't dream at all, right? For now, my studio apt with a view of the street and other houses across the street will have to do. LOL.

I got the book pictured above yesterday: "The Rice Bible" by Christian Teubner. Very cool book. You can read about the history of rice and how it's planted and harvested, the different types of rice, different methods of cooking/preparing it, or you can be like me and skip that stuff for later and get to the recipes! There are recipes for pilafs, risottos, seasonings & colorings, with woks, paellas, soups, stuffings, and desserts. So much you can do with rice. (And all you feeling the pinch from the economy, this is a very cost effective food.) I'm a rice lover. Why didn't I get this book sooner?!?

I bought a rice cooker last night too. Again, as much as I love rice, why didn't I get one of these sooner!?! This thing is the bomb (!) if you're a person that cooks a lot of rice. I didn't use a recipe from "The Rice Book", just some plain jasmine rice with my new rice cooker:

Hmm, what do with it next? Sautee up some onions n peppers and add them? Add some meat? Just so you know, my rice came out perfect! Luv the rice cooker!