Shout Out to Aubrey Organics

Shout out to Aubrey Organics man. They're products are grrrrrr-eat! If you haven't tried them, you will want to. Not only are their products made with all natural ingredients but they WORK! Now everyone's hair is different but I've heard reviews from all different kinds of hair types and I haven't heard a bad thing yet. And my (4A) hair absolutely adores their products.

I absolutely ADORE their Island Naturals Replenishing Conditioner.

It moisturizes and melts away the tangles in my hair (so I don't know if I can even call it detangling anymore) like a mutha! I've also used it as leave-in (and then sealed with a lil castor oil) and received great results. Curly girls, transitioners, this. Is. The. STUFF! A lil on the pricey side, about $10 for an 11oz bottle, but for hair that's moisturized and the comb glides through, I'm so there.

Also have mad love for their Herbal Liquid Everyday Body Soap.

When I say this stuff cleanses your skin but doesn't dry it out, OMG! After continued use, I've noticed that my skin stays moisturized way longer (and it's winter right now!) and is even more responsive to my whipped shea butter mix that I moisturize my skin with. My skin has never felt smoother and silkier to the touch.

These are the only 2 products I have from them so far but I'm hooked and can't wait to add more to my possession. Their ish WORKS. They are all cruelty free products and environment friendly as well as friendly to your body. I like that none of the ingredients I have to consult to a chemist for pronunciation. LOL.

Next on my Wish List to get from them: Mandarin Magic Gingko Leaf & Ginseng Root Moisturizing Hair Jelly. I've heard nothing but rave reviews about this styling gel. This'll be great for when I wear my curls out to give them definition and hold.

I get my Aubrey Organics products from Vitamin Shoppe. I know Whole Foods carries them as well. And you can also shop online on their website "And if ya don't know, now ya knooooooooow....."


Anonymous said…
I'm using Aubrey Organics too right now, and it smells great. It leaves my hair feeling nice and soft (3b/3c). Currently I'm using Island Naturals conditioner and the Desert Herb shampoo. I think I'm gonna stick with them. But you can't use too much, you really have to just use a little. Wonderful, though.