Coconut Cream Natural Relaxer Results/Review

I took my (crochet) braids out last night and tried out the coconut cream natural relaxer treatment. Here’s the recipe again:

Coconut cream
Extra virgin coconut oil
Non-fat plain yogurt

coconut cream natural relaxer

I mixed all 3 ingredients, in no set measurements, into a bowl (warm up your coconut oil some if it solidified), and applied it to my hair in sections from root to tip. Next, I put on a plastic conditioning cap and let sit for about 2 hours (Note. Feel free to use heat. I just didn’t feel like sitting under the dryer. Also, the min to let this sit is about 1 hr), rinsed, and continued on with my regular wash routine.

My conclusion on this treatment: I like it. It’s a great conditioning treatment and left my kinky-kurls feeling soft and moisturized. Yogurt has protein in it so it left my hair feeling strong but not dried out. It didn’t loosen my hair texture but I heard it might not do this on the first try so I will keep doing this treatment about once a month and observe. Overall, if not for the natural (TEMPORARY) loosening of your kurls, it’s a great conditioning treatment that strengthens and moisturizes. It’s inexpensive, easy to make and use and if you have any left overs, simply put plastic wrap over the top and stick in the freezer for future use.

What I will change with the next batch: use the following recipe...

2 TBSP Coconut oil
1.5 TBSP Coconut cream
8-12 oz yogurt

I think I didn't use enough yogurt in my mix and too much coconut oil and cream. Oh well, my hair still feels great. Maybe with more yogurt, it will actually loosen the curl some. So, I'll try it out this way next time and report back.

The final results

While it didn't loosen my kurls, I do notice that they are more defined.

Give a try and share your results!

EDITED 2-13-09: I've been informed that the full fat yogurt works even better and is more effective than the non-fat.


Makeup Theory said…
I do yogurt, bananas (baby food), olive oil and leave it on for about 2 hours. I've definitely noticed conditioning AND loosened curls. I have to be careful because the top of my hair has pretty lose curls now. They sometimes end up looking droopy like permed hair if I use this too often.
Milan said…
Wow! Really? Yeah, it's def got to be the yogurt. Now I want to try your recipe out.

With mine, I think I didn't use enough yogurt so it didn't loosen really but it def defined my kurls more. I really liked that.
Makeup Theory said…
I forgot to mention - I use full fat yogurt because you want the fat. That's what helps it to straighten.

And I don't know for sure, but I read to be careful using things with too much added sugar on your hair (like the coconut creme vs coconut MILK) because you'll attract critters who want to munch on your hair. No lie. Be sure to wash it really thorough if you use sugared products.
Milan said…
Whoa! Thanks for sharing that. I def rinsed it out well and then cleansed after. But I never thought of that. Luckily, my hair still short so it's pretty easy to wash all product out. Once it gets longer, I will really have to pay even more attention to this.

I can't find full fat plain yogurt in my local grocery store. That's what I was originally looking for but didn't see it so I had to opt for the fat-free plain yogurt. I'll just have to try another store next time.
Leila Daily said…
i saw a video on youtube with a lady applying the coconut cream 'relaxer' to her daughter's hair... but i didn't really see a difference.

i plan on training a banana/coconut recipe... but just for conditioning. i have to admit though... the prospect of loosening my curls just a *tad* sounds good to me.
Milan said…
Black Girl With Long Hair: I really think it's just a great conditioning treatment. But i've talked to many that have received results with it. So since we are not all the same, the results will vary. Cuz for me it didn't loosen but it def defined my kurls more nd I really liked that.
Anonymous said…
If you can't find full fat yogurt, try sour cream. What you need is a the sour milk and fat and sour cream also has both of those same properties.
Unknown said…
Don't use sour cream. Sour cream is only fat. It has not much if any protein. Which is why people sub yogurt for it in recipes. You will most likely have to go to the health food store to get full fat yogurt. You also want to make sure the yogurt you use does not have binders in it. That can inhibit the protein binding to your hair.
Finally full fat milk will also work for this. It has the same lactic acid as yogurt.
LazyCouchPotato said…
If you did not experiencing a loosening in your curl pattern, it's likely one of three reasons: either you didn't use enough yogurt, you used light or fat-free yogurt, or a combination of the two. This process (as far as looseing goes) only works when you use full fat yogurt, since it has added milk protein and lactic acid, which is responsible for the loosening. If you want even greater immediate results, take a cup of yogurt, mix it with 1-2 tbsp of honey and about a 1/4 cup on baking soda. Add the juice of half a lime, mix well, apply to your freshly washed hair and leave on for an hour under a plastic bag. Rinse it out and add hair mayonnaise or regular conditioner. The results are superb. Loose, soft, shiny, moist, defined, strong hair. You can controo the looseness by using more or less baking soda and yogurt.
Anonymous said…
what about milk like lactaid milk or soy milk?
Plucki said…
How about those "all the rage " new greek(extra protein)yogurts they have out now...sans fruit,of course. I've only been able to tolerate ONE of all the brands, so at least they'd be good for something positive.