Hair Updates

So, as I posted below, I took my braids out Tuesday night and man it seriously felt good to take them out and fully wash my hair! So here’s the run down of what I did:

* Deep conditioned hair with coconut cream natural relaxer treatment (see review in the post below)

* Rinsed and cleansed scalp and hair with “no poo” mixture (1.5 oz Dr. Bronners castile liquid soap, 2oz EVOO, fill the rest of the applicator bottle up with water)

* Applied AO Island Naturals conditioner and detangled

Detangling has never been such a chore! But you figure, I had hair naturally shedding everyday that wasn’t able to fall out on its own or be combed out for 7 weeks. So needless to say, there was lots of hair at the bottom of the shower.

* After detangling, I air dried with KBB Hair Milk, sealed with castor oil, and then put a lil AO B5 Design Gel (next time I'm going to try shingling with the KBB Hair Cream in place of the gel and see what happens).

My hair is very soft, moisturized and lookin good!

In the morning I spritzed water on my hair first, then Royal Roots Herbal Moisture Daily Conditioning Spray, and raked AO B5 Design Gel, in sections, through my hair. Once it was dry, I used a hair pick to “pump up the volume”. Love volume! Love hair picks! Here’s the one I have:

NYC ladies, I got it from Beauty 35 for $1.99. It doesn’t get much betta than that and I luv the lil “power to the people” fist on it. Rock on wit cho kurly self!


Makeup Theory said…
Okay, let me say your hair looks adorable, but your MAKEUP! Girl, that purple on your eyes is GORGEOUS. I like the whole style you're strutting in your February shot - the sweater (?), earrings. Very nice.
...ALLmEYEne... said…
Yes gurl rock on. Your picture is motivating to me. I'm about 2 months without a relaxer, but I haven't made the big chop yet.

I'm glad i found your blog. I'll have to check back often.
Milan said…
Thanks Makeup Theory! Luv my make up! I love those earrings. I got them from this place in the underpass for 42nd St. stop on the trains for $5.
Milan said…
ALLmEYEne, I'm glad that you stopped by. Make yourself at home and please check back often, I'm always posting stuff. Happy Transitioning!