How To Do Your Own Trims

For those of you that want to take trimming your hair into your own hands then this is the post for you.


This link provides great techniques for trimming your hair if its straight or you want to straighten to trim. It provides different techniques for trimming your hair into different shapes like V-shape, U-shape, and straight across.


If you want to trim your kurls without straightening them or don't wear your hair straight very often here are a couple different methods that may work for you:

Twist your hair, in sections, into small to medium sized twists all over your head and let air-dry (with NO products in your hair). Once hair is completely dry, snip the ends as needed.

Trimming Each Curl
This method is very time consuming and is really only effective on visible kurls. It's not successful on your koils b/c they curl 360 degrees. So you multi-textured ladies, which is most of us, you can employ this method on your kurly areas. Again let your hair air dry with NO products in your hair and snip the ends of each kurl.

I have more koils than kurls so I will be employing and perfecting the Twist-N-Snip way on most of my head. I do have some kurly areas on the sides and my nape area so I will try trimming each kurl on them.

Some Tips:

* DO invest in professional haircutting scissors. Those everyday scissors that cut everything, paper, etc. DO NOT put those anywhere near your hair! They are not sharp enough and will end up causing more splitting. Professional haircutting scissors are not very expensive: from $7-$15. You can get them at Sally's, your local BSS, Wal-Mart, etc. Just make sure they say that they are HAIRCUTTING scissors.

* Try using a double-sided mirror to see the back of your head.

* DON'T try to trim your hair when you will have to rush. Take your time and trim slowly until you get more comfortable.

* DO sit up and hold your head straight while trimming. If you don't, you run the risk of having a lopsided 'do. And where's the sexy in that? I'm just sayin....

* DO have a trusted friend or family member to help you trim in the back if your hair is really short until you can see your hair in the back.

For more tips and info on how to trim your kinks, kurls, & koils: Motown Girl is a great site to check out.

As with anything, practice makes perfect, meaning don't get frustrated if you don't do a perfect job the first time. If this isn't for you, then just continue to go to your stylist for trims. The world is your oyster, ladies. This is just a guideline for those who want to try trimming their own ends.


I would try this, but knowing me, I would find some way to mess it up...then I would cry.