I Really Want to Get My Hands on Some....


Who's with me? I've heard really great things about it. It's made in Morrocco and the women there use it on their skin, hair and nails. It's said to impart "moisture" (meaning it can penetrate the hair shaft like avocado and coconut oils can) and add loads of nutrients and shine to hair. That's always a great sounding combination to me especially if my hair is involved in the equation. Inkanat.com says

Argan oil (known as the Green Gold of Marocco) contains high levels of essential fatty acids, including linoleic acid (omega-6). These fatty acids protect and repair the skin. This action is reinforced by very high levels of vitamin E (tocopherols) which has moisturising and healing properties and is one of the most powerful biological anti-oxidants in neutralizing free radicals. It also protects cell membranes from lipid oxidation, thereby slowing the skin`s ageing process.

Argan oil is extracted from the nut of the argan tree. This tree is unique in the world for its characteristics: nutritive, cosmetic and many medicinal properties. The argan tree grows only in the South-Western part of Morocco. Argan Oil remains one of the rarest oils in the world. A very labour intensive process, performed primarily by Moroccan women, is required to shell and crush the fruits prior to pressing the oil.

You can also learn more about argan oil here: www.arganoils.com

I was thinking about how it would fare on my face b/c I have oily skin and fight the oil with oil (sounds a lil off but it really works) but after researching it some more,I think I will refrain from doing that and would just use it for my hair and skin other than my face.

Now b/c this oil is so rare it's quite pricey. Inkanat.com is selling 3.4 oz for $20. Wowsers, that's my whole hair stuff amount allocated for next month. LOL. It might be a while till I will indulge and get this but I sure am interested. One day soon, it WILL be mine. Any of you use it or have used it in the past? Do share.


Anonymous said…
Argan oil is wonderful for your face, skin, and hair. Especially good for the face are Kaeline's argan oil facial serums. http://www.XandraRenouvelle.com They have some excellent moisturizing creams (Arganaissance Creme) that feature argan oil as one of the leading ingredients. (Beware those that list argan oil near the bottom of the list.) I particularly like Kaeline's products over all the others out there as their quality is the highest and the brand specializes in natural formulations that feature argan oil. I just heard they are launching Kae, an organic argan oil shampoo and conditioner line this Spring. The others on the market are all chemical based and user the argan oil as a "marketing ply." This will be the REAL THING! As for your face, try Kaeline as it will not make it oiler or cause breakouts, I have found the opposite to be true.
Milan said…
Very coo. Thanks for sharing your insight on this AmyV. I will def look into the Kaeline line. I'm all about using products with natural formulations.
Amina said…
it's also in my wishlist :)