Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Milk Review

So far, I use the hair milk as a leave in. I got it in the Creamy Coco Mango scent and it smells so yummy! I think once my hair gets longer and I can wear it up in buns, I will use it as a daily moisturizer. My hair loves lotion and light cream moisturizers so this is right up my alley. Leaves my hair very soft and hydrated when I air dry with it. It’s pricey: $16 for 8 oz, but so worth it for me and since I’m only using it at a leave in for now, it won’t be costing me too much.

So overall, in my most recent experiences, Karen’s Body Beautiful IS all its hyped up to be. I went to the store in Brooklyn and received wonderful customer service. I was very pleased with the whole experience and will be back to support this sista. I like making my own products but hair milks and lotions, I don't like to dabble in so I'm glad I gave this one a try and I love the ingredients. Not one ingredient on there that I can't pronounce or don't know what it is! I luv it!

I also bought the hair cream when I bought the hair milk but have yet to really use it. I'm thinking of using it to do my very first twist out! So when I get around to doing that, I'll try the cream out and see what's good with it. I hear nothing but great reviews about the cream as well so once a try it out, a review will be in order.

I’ve reached my budgeted amount allocated for hair care products (A measly $20 since times are less fortunate these days) this month. Next month, all I really want to purchase and try is cassia it's been planned for in March’s budget, but who knows, I might be braided back up again by then. :D