Kurly Girl Inspiration: Korto Momolu

Remember Korto (pronounced like kah-toe) from Project Runway? From jump I luved her designs. I luv the concept for her Spring 2009 collection at Fashion Week on the Project Runway finale. She fused African and Western style to create unique and modern clothing. I really respect her work and if I was a baller, I would so be doing business with her! But another thing I luv is her hair. I don't know if it's her hair, a weave or a wig but I just luv her hair. It's what my hair aspires to be when it grows long.

This was favorite dress from her collection:

I need a knock off of it. LOL.


AAHHH korto was sooooo my favorite of all the season of PR. Anyway I'm digging the blog. Part of my fine in O9 is to dress more my age. I'm 23 and I do not have a wardrobe to match. I figure we can help each other. I have the PF stuff and you can be my fashion Guru! yay!
Milan said…
Sounds like a plan Saved to Save! I"m down!
Unknown said…
But .... is that Korto's real hair?? Why on some level, did I think it was an afro weave?
Milan said…
I'm not sure Udee. It may very well be but I still can dig it!