Luv Living Single

This was one of my favorite shows (so is Girlfriends but that's a whole nother post!)! I wish they would create a show like this for right now. I loved that it depicted the cooky, everyday lives of educated and successful Blacks. Khadijah had her own business-Flava magazine and Synclair worked for her. Max was a successful lawyer and Kyle was very successful. I can't remember what he did but he was well to do and Overton was the building super and Regine worked at a boutique.

The show was funny without making a mockery of us like many black sitcoms tend to do. The Oxygen channel plays the re-runs during the day (not everyday though. You'll want to check your local tv guide for times and days) so if you have Tivo or are able to watch during the day, get on it! I'm watching it right now. I love Max. She was my favorite character. Regine came in second place.

On the hair tip, I always liked Max's braids. I used to get my hair braided like that except mine were longer but they were burned on the ends, remember that? I know you do. (Back in the day, I admired Brandy so I always wanted braids like hers.) LOL. Khadijah was a natural that straightened and she always had the current hairstyles for the time. And b/c I have a luv of wigs and half-wigs, you know me and Regine have something in common! LOL.

I soooo have to get the box set of all the episodes. Right now only the Season 1 episodes are out on DVD though. I hope they don't make us wait forever for the rest of the seasons!

My next post, I have more hair updates. I washed my hair and did 2 strand twists last night. My very first time doing this on my hair! I haven't taken them down yet, but I will a lil later to see how my twist out came out. I will share pics and details! Toodles!


...ALLmEYEne... said…
Yeah this was definitely a good show. I agree there needs to be more shows here. I like Girlfriends and The Game.

Its like we can't have our own shows but not good enough to be in their shows...frustrating.
Laquita said…
I loved the show also - I still watch the reruns on BET :o) I loved the fact the Kadija (sp) had her own magazine and planned still plan actually to have my own :o)

I also loved Max's hair - I even copied it - I shaved the back of my hair and braided my hair with yarn - but got scared after three weeks that it would get stuck :o) I have also been seeing her on re-runs of The Cosby Show as well.
Milan said…
I forgot about The Game. Yeah, I like that show too. And Girlfriends is one of my favorites as well. I will have to do a post on them. I was hurtin when they went off!
Milan said…
What kind of magazine do you want to create Laquita? I'm a serious magazine junkie!