My First Twist Out!

Ok so I achieved my first twist out today and now I can see why ladies love to do them. B/c they come out sooo pretty! So last night, I washed my hair with my castile soap mix, conditioned with AO Island Naturals conditioner, and followed up with an ACV rinse. Then I applied my leave in, KBB Hair Milk and got to twisting with KBB Hair Cream.

It took me about 2 hours to twist my whole head. What we go through to be beautiful, right? Once I finished, I let them air dry overnight and took the twists out this morning and finger styled. I also used 2 bobby pins to pull the front pieces back b/c they were roaming around all wild like. LOL.

I really like how it came out. This will so become a staple style. I can't wait till my hair gets longer so I will feel comfortable leaving the house in the twists still. LOL. The KBB Hair Cream is the greatest! My hair has loads of shine, hold, and is soft. Not to mention smells great too. If you want to see more pictures, go to my fotki.

Also, AGrlCanMac has been listed on under the blogs category. They're an online natural hair directory and have loads of resources there to take advantage of. So let your curiosity get the best of you and check them out.



Sheila said…
Your hair looks great! I did my BC on 12/30/08 and just recently tried KBB products and I must say I am impressed. I love how my tiny twist out's look-it just takes forever: ).
Milan said…
Thank you! Yeah, they take a minute but the results are fab. I'll be really happy when my hair gets longer and I can feel comfortable leaving the house with the twists in though. I know some ladies that can get a week outta twists and then a couple days with the twist out.

We are BC month buddies. I did mine 12/8/08. So congrats on your BC!
Amina said…
you look amaazing!! I loove KBB products!! They're amaazing!
Lady Kinnks said…
Your hair looks great! Thanks for adding us :)
SpecialKitty said…
I love your hair, it looks really healthy. I just did my first twist, and I plan to take them out Monday morning for work. (very excited!!!)
SpecialKitty said…
Your hair is the B.O.M.B - healthy looking! I did my first twists last night and I can hardly wait this Monday morning when I take them out for work.