Things Learned 2 Months Into My Journey

So I've been natural for 2, closer to 3, months and it's been so much fun. I'm learning so much.


* Yogurt is the ish for defining my koils n kurls

* Adding salt to my conditioner is the ish for defining my koils n kurls and making them uber soft

* I still luv ACV rinses

* My castile soap mix is the best cleansing mix ever and doesn’t dry my hair out one bit

* Shingling is really time consuming!

* Put the Denman brush down!

* Air drying with KBB Hair Milk and then sealing with castor oil and KBB Hair Cream= soft fluffy hair <3

* AO B5 Design Gel works but DAMN(!) it smells too strong!

* Spritz hair with water then couple AO B5 Design Gel with a lil KBB Hair Cream mixed in my hand and apply = definition and softness

* Coconut Cream Natural “Relaxer” doesn’t loosen my texture but it sure as heezy defines, strengthens yet softens and moisturizes and I likey

* KBB Hair Milk is a great leave-in

* KBB Hair Cream is a great sealer, isn’t too heavy for my hair, and softens it

* C&G Method is working out "mahvelous-dahling" for me

* I'm obsessed with hair that's defined and soft

* My hair is 95% koily and 5% kurly

* My holy grail growth oil mix: jojoba oil, rosemary oil, & nettle extract



Margaret said…
Wow you've learned a lot! I'm writing a lot of what you said down, haha. I've been hearing a lot about yogurt and how it helps... How do you do that exactly? And how much salt do you add?

You're so wise!
Milan said…
It's really easy to condition with yogurt. All I do is add it to my conditioning treatments. How much you use is really up to you. Play around with amounts till you find one that works for you. I did a review on the coconut cream natural relaxer which has yogurt in it. Check out that post.

On the salt, I add 1Tsp of salt for up to every 8 oz of conditioner. I only add it to the conditioner that I'm going to DC on my hair at that moment though. I also did a post on this as well so check that out.
Amina said…
congratulations! Since I started using KBB hair milk I am soo addicted too! I need to replenish some of the products too!
I've never tried yogurt on my hair. I love yogurt too much to put in my
you look beautiful :)