Billy Blanks Almost Took Me Out!

Just goes to show how outta shape a sista is. LOL. I'm trying to get back on my fitness tip b/c we all need to be fit and because it's part of the guidelines of my Grow Out Challenge I'm doing with some of my NC (Naturally Curly) ladies. So I did Pilates yesterday and today, I was feeling adventurous and said let's do some TaeBo. I was fine up until about half way through and then ya girl just started pooping out! I worked out muscles I KNOW I haven't worked out in a while. So I will be good and sore tomorrow. But no pain, no gain, right? Then after I nearly passed out from the workout, Aunt Ruby Red decides to show her face. That's probably part of the reason why I was crampin up and half dieing. LOL. Great work out though. I just gotta get back in the groove, that's all. So even though Billy would have liked to kill me this time, it aint ova till the fat lady sings. "I aint neva scared".

I must say, after about 10 minutes of deep breathing and identifying that Ruby was part of the problem, I do feel a boost of energy. I feel good and ready to take on the day. I've always exercised but I'm one of those people that does it in waves. There will be like a 4-5 month wave where I'll be on my grind and be a lean mean exercising machine but then something will happen and I'll fall off for another 4-5 months and then I'll get back on it...... And cycle goes on and on.

My goal this time is to try to stay consistent with it and really make it a part of my lifestyle b/c I eat pretty healthy (except for the occasional cheeseburger deluxe meal at the diner. LOL). I am not one to eat in excess or eat lots of sweets n stuff. So for me, it's just about keeping active and I love the way I feel after I've done a work out or a fun activity that gets my heart rate up, like salsa dancing (I <3 salsa dancin!), or going for a long walk in Central Park. Yay for the Spring coming up so I can get back to walking Central Park. I luv going for walks in that park!

As most of us know, fitness is great for stimulating hair growth. The gist of the theory goes that when exercising, you sweat and your pores are open including those on your scalp which increases the flow of blood and your overall circulation. Increase in blood flow and circulation to your scalp helps stimulate growth. There it is in a nutshell.

And now that I think about it, when I was in college and I was taking the prenatal vitamins and excercising regularly (I was also on a step team), my hair was growing like a weed. My hair had never grown that fast ever, so there is def something to this. So come on my kinky-kurly-koily ladies, let's get in shape and get our hair growing like weeds!


Unknown said…
I cant stand billy blanks or his son...I tried to do their workouts on OnDemand.....I didnt last five minutes....i had to go with Jillian Micheals
Laquita said…
LOl - Yeah, my mother used to tell me horror stories about barely being able to move after a session with billy :o)
Milan said…
Wow, really? I luv Billy's work outs. Didn't know his son had work outs though.

I've heard Jillian's work outs are good. I want to try some of hers next. Which ones do you recommend to try?