Eye See Styling N Profylin On a Dime

Ok, maybe not a dime but how about $10? These frames are $10 (not including any other fees, etc.). I don't know a recessionista who's budget this can't fit into.

Kinky-kurls + a funky pair of glasses (or shades) = You. Can't. Tell. Me. NOTHIN!

I so want these frames. I think that they have just the right amount of sophistication and funk that I'm going for. Now they're not designer, for all my label whores, but they are slammin. Works for me b/c I don't discriminate.

There was this thread on Afro Glitz (Yes, I joined yet another hair board. LMAO. What can I say? I'm addicted.) about who wears glasses. And one lady was talking about ever since she found frames for cheap, she didn't know how to act anymore.

I'm sure there are other sites but the site that the member was referring to was this one. After seeing this, I'm sure a lot of us aren't going to know how to act! They have some really hot styles. They have a bunch that are $8 too. It's bananas. I wasn't fond of the metal styles but the plastic styles are on point. So if you can dig that, get your Curious George on and check them out.