Get Fit: Gaiam Cardio Burn Yoga w/ Patricia Moreno

As Flava Flav says, "Wooooooooooowwwww." They were not lying when they said cardio burn, that's for sure. I would not recommend this work out for beginners but for those on an intermediate level or higher looking for a challenge or a new routine to do. This is a work out for ya. I'm going to have to do this one a few times before I can get in the groove with it. But I really like it and got a great work out with it. Ya girl was seriously sweating. LOL.

What I like about this workout, is that Patricia is a dancer. So the routine she created makes all the poses more "fluid", like dancing. Dancing flows from one move into another. So with this workout, you constantly stay in motion. The poses in the work out are choreographed so that you flow from one pose right into another. That's the best way I can describe it. If this has peaked your curiosity, then get your Curious George on, and get it! You'll see what I'm talking about all in due time!

What I really want to try is Bikram Yoga. You know, the one where the room is really warm (like 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit I've heard from some) so when you're doing the routines, you sweat more and burn more fat. I also imagine, with the warmer tempature, your muscles are more relaxed so you probably can get maximum stretching out of your body this way too. I heard it's awesome. Has anyone tried it?