Get Fit: Some of my Favorite Work Out DVDs

So since, I'm getting back on my fitness grind, I'm going back to some of my trusty work out DVDs that have never steered me wrong and when I was consistent with them, gave me great results.

Sara Ivanhoe's 20 Min Yoga Makeover Power Beauty Sweat

In 20 minutes, you can get most of the benefits of yoga. This DVD is what's up. After doing this for about 2 weeks, I had definitely started seeing a difference in my body and how I felt. I love how after the work out, I always feel "long and lean" and energized for the day. It really works. This is also a great introduction to yoga for those that are new to it and want to give it a try. For those more experienced, it's a great way to get your morning stretch on.

I would say that I'm on an intermediate level of yoga and for me it's a great way to start my day before getting ready for work. I'm groggy in the morning and don't always want to do it but once I'm done, I always am glad I did b/c I feel good! It really does give me more energy for the day and when you're at work with your crazy co-workers, because we all have a couple of those, it really helps.

Pilates Complete for Everyone

When I want my Pilates fix, I luv this DVD. This one has work outs for the very beginner all the way up to advanced levels. This DVD contains over 35 workouts. Within each level, there are various work outs you can choose from. How dope is that? I also like that there are 10 minute routines you can do when you're low on time but still want to squeeze a work out in and longer ones, like 30 mins, when you can carve out more time in your schedule. You have so many options with this one. And I don't know about you, but I luv having options. It just makes life that much more exciting. LOL. I've had this DVD for a few years and still luv it to pieces.

I'm going to start talking about fitness more b/c being fit does affect our natural beauty (and hair, but of course). To be healthy is to be beautiful. Health and beauty go hand in hand. Besides, we all need to "preserve our sexy" and living an active lifestyle that includes some form of exercise is one of the ways to do that. Next Get Fit post, I will be talking about resistance bands. Another thing I like and need to get back to using.

I have 2 other yoga DVD's that are pretty new but have been collecting dust. LOL. But I will be busting them out and talking about them on here very soon. I truly believe that fitness CAN be (somewhat) enjoyable. You just have to find what kind you like. There's got to be SOMETHING you like. There are way too many options out there now as to what people can get into and there are new activities being created every day. That's my thought on the matter.

For exercising, I enjoy Pilates, yoga, dancing, aerobics, and power walking (so much easier on the knees than jogging or running and gives just as good of a cardio work out). I also luv reg walking like going to long walks walking. What about you guys? What are your exercises of choice?