Harlem Heights

So who watched this last night? I was a lil excited about this show b/c this looked like a show that portrayed Blacks not acting "stereotypical". All the people on here are young professionals. So, I tuned in for the first episode last night and I must say, I think I like it. My friends and my girls that I hang out with look like this and we are all young professionals also. It's funny too b/c a lot of the places that they showed them hanging out at, I've hung out there as well like Mocha's. Nice place.

I like Bree's "fashion energy" and how what she wears screams fashion lover. I luv it. I also like her hair cut. It is soo baaaaad! It looks so modern and chic. And I luv all things chic. I luv it. If I wasn't feeling the recession like I am, I would check out those boutiques they were hitting up but I'm not even going to do that to myself right now. LOL.

But overall, I think I'm going to give BET an A for this show. Finally! A show that showcases (young) professional Blacks and how they live. And this is a reality show so no one can say it is not real like when "The Cosby's" show was around. There ARE Blacks doing big things and we don't all talk "ebonics", sell drugs, or aspire to be rap artists. The members of this show are the Blacks I grew up with and how they talk and carry themselves, where they hang out, the friends they have is how I do. I hope this will inspire our younger generations to see, this is how you wanna get down. Ladies and gents that have their own jobs and aspirations and are go getters. Ladies not looking for a man to take care of them. Men not looking for a woman to take care of them. And a young father invovled in his child's life.

Now you know, there's going to be drama. It's all about the ratings. That's just how people do though and that's just how us LADIES do. It's called human nature and female nature. Oh well. Since I don't attract or entertain much drama in my own life, I enjoy watching it on tv! LOL. And that Bree seems like she likes some drama so I'll be staying tuned with some popcorn on hand. Oh come on, we all have a friend/s like that or know someone like that. Don't even front. LOL.

It's about time BET! A show we can be proud to admit we watch. What are your thoughts on the show?


Laquita said…
I also watched and plan to tune in for the next episode. It was very interesting - I thought the talk between the guy (not too sure of his name) and his father was great. And the little girl with her two puffs was too cute :o)

But like you said with all shows they got to keep those ratings up, so of course they'll be drama. LoL
...ALLmEYEne... said…
I am with you on this one. I thought this would be another "reality" show but its so so sophisticated. It definitely reminds of my life now, unfortunately in a smaller city.

I'll be tuned in from here on out.