LV Earrings Lust

I am an earring fanatic. The bigger the better! I luv the chandelier styles, hoops, beaded hoop earrings, etc. I have boxes full of them. I have a pair in almost any color and for every occassion. My friends n fam stay knocking on my door to borrow a pair for an event or night out. And I'm always more than happy to pick out a pair that will make them look fab-they just betta give them back when it's over. LOL. I just love how depending on what pair you wear, you can transform how you look to whichever way you choose. Your face is such a fun canvas. I will never stop luving to adorn it. :0)

I am lusting after some earrings like the ones pictured below for this spring/summer. They are soooo hot!

I think with a big kinky-koily mop up top (referring to hair. LOL.) and these earrings (and a cute summer dress) you've got an absolutely dope look. Especially my TWA ladies. Big earrings and TWAs = HOTNESS! Any of you familiar with this pair know that they are from the Louis Vuitton spring '09 collection. Maybe I'll try my hand at making a pair similar. Hmmm..... I have been feeling crafty lately......