So Unladylike

Ok, I need to rant. Did anyone see the most recent episode of the Bad Girls Club? Is anyone else not disgusted by how two of the roommates, Aleeya and Boston, jumped Amber M and then gloated about it? Like are. You. SERIOUS? Now I know Amber M is no angel-far from it, but for real for real. Jump her? And then proceed to kick her while she’s down? She was kicked in her face and on her side more than once. Wow. Those 2 def deserved to go home.

Stuff like that is so sad and can get me very angry. There are many people I can’t stand but they are never worth me turning into some kind of a heartless animal, jumping someone then “kicking them when they’re down” and proceed to brag about it. For one, I don’t give negativity that much of my energy. It’s pointless and it really doesn’t make you feel better ultimately. Maybe for a few minutes but then what?

I already had some opinions about a lot of them (the only one I like is Tiffany) but after watching that, I lost what little respect I had left for them. They are trifling, far from what I would call ladies and what they did to Amber M deserves to be done to them and see how they would like it. Those girls are so lucky she didn’t press charges b/c I know I sure would have. Don’t EVER give a person that much power over you that you turn into something ugly. Real talk. Please don’t find yourself acting that atrocious b/c if you plant bad seeds, you will so get a nasty harvest. Believe that. That is NOTHING to be proud of. I’m all for defending yourself but to haul off and attack somebody b/c you dislike them and kick them while they’re down, I’m not with that at all. That’s malicious and a coward’s move. Carry yourself with pride and never give your power to other people. I’m so disgusted right now. *End rant. Back to our regularly scheduled blogging.*