Sunday Fun

So it was a "mah-velous dahling" kinda day here in Nyc. I'm talking high 50's and sunny skies. I met up with some friends in BK for brunch and chillaxing at Rustik Tavern on Dekalb Ave. Luv this spot b/c it's got such a cozy, relaxed, chic vibe and everyone seems mad coo. There's a delightful patio in the back that becomes lit up at night. I luv sitting out there.

And I can't forget to mention that the food and drinks are delish. Today I was torn between the Butcherboy Burgers, which are your choice of turkey burger or beef burger sliders, or the Rustik Personalized Omlette that comes with home fries. Yummers. It was so tough but the (turkey) burgers won out and they were oh so tasty. It was just the right amount of food. I wasn't stuffed to the gut but I wasn't still hungry either; I was satisfied.

I also stopped by the new Ikea in the BK (I was all up in the BK today.). Bad idea. A nice Sunday afternoon = people left and right. (There was a giant tour bus that unloaded a bunch of people for crying out loud.) I went in looking for a specific table and chairs that my mother saw and said would look cute in my place. There were so many people and children running/milling about and clogging the walkways, I lost the patience to find what I was looking or a free sales associate for assistance. So I decided eff it, I'm outta here. Any of you that have been in an Ikea know that they are like giant mazes so it took me forever to get out of the place.

The moral of the story: unless you like hoards of people and children running amok as part of your shopping experience, you will want to go at a less populated time like early in the morning or during the week. So I now have to go back some time this week.

Another weekend down. *does the Sunday sigh* Toodles.


Nice Blog! I'm not into crowds either, lol.