Chlorella Updates

Just wanted to do a brief update. So about a month ago, I started taking Vitamin Shoppe Super Chlorella tablets for overall health, natural detoxing and to boost my hair growth rate.

I simply luv this blue-green algae. Chlorella rocks. My skin glows and is even softer than it already was. I didn't take any before pics since I was in braids when I started taking them but I can tell my hair is growing at a faster rate and that is A-Ok with me. My nails grow super fast now and are so much stronger. They hardly ever break now; it takes a lot of force to break them.

As far as my overall health, I do feel an energy boost and a little more upbeat since using Chlorella. I eat pretty healthy (except over this holiday weekend!) so paired with this, I just feel swell.

I took heed to people's admonitions and SLOWLY introduced it to my body. The first week, I took 1 tablet, 1 gm, daily. The second week, upped the annie to 2 tablets daily and the third week, I took 3 tablets daily. Since then, I continue to take 3 tablets daily. The recommendation is actually 5 gm daily but right now I'm coo with 3 gm daily.

So there it is folks. I'm pretty darn smitten and can say that I will be a chlorella user for life. Chlorella, me luv you long time. :o)


EXUDE Magazine said…
I bought a TUB of Chlorella last week...I'm gonna see how this turns out. Thanks for the update!
Amina said…
I heard great things about it too!!
The deadline of the challenge is May 1st.
pulchri2dinous said…
I did some research as well and I'm going to start taking chlorella next month when I get out of school. Did your nails used to break easily? Mine chip all the time and they're so thin and breakable. Maybe this will help :)
Milan said…
Hey pulchri2dinous!

Girl, yes. My nails used to break and chip if I lightly tapped them it seemed like. Now, it takes a whole lot of force to chip these suckers. LOL.
pulchri2dinous said…
I'd love to take this for all the wonderful benefits (skin, nails, hair, health) BUT.... I've read that it makes your facial hair grow more too. I've never had to do my eyebrows and I'm afraid I will have to if I start this (I really don't want to). But... it seems like such an EXCELLENT supplement! Decisions decisions. I'll just watch your blog and see what happens lol
Milan said…
Awww don't be scurred. LOL. I think I'm a user for life. But yeah, if you're too scared you can take them vicariously thru me. Haaha.

Didn't know about the facial hair thing tho. I'll have to pay attention and see if that happens with me. LOL.
Shawnystheone said…
Ah, I sent you a message on fotki about this , never mind I stalked your blog lol