Henna Gloss #2

Ok, I know I said I was going to wait till next month to do another gloss but I didn't. LOL.

I'm still outta town in the Nati. I didn't intend to still be but I'm not working right now, so I figured I'd keep the adventures going and stay a lil while longer with the fam. :o) So b/c I didn't expect to still be outta town so long, I didn't pack most of my hair stuff. So due to this, I had to get some things for my hair (- most weren't products I normally use).

I found a Halal market and purchased some Reshma henna for this gloss.

Here's the recipe I used this time:

* 2 Tbsp Reshma henna (another GREAT brand of henna by the way)
* 1 Tbsp coconut oil
* 1 Tbsp EVOO
* a couple squirts of aloe vera gel
* about 1 Tbsp honey
* enough Suave Tropical Coconut conditioner until a pudding like consistency was achieved

I achieved a much lighter gloss this time around (I did this over Monday night and yesterday morning. My glosses are usually an overnight process.) and I liked this mix.

My first henna experience, I used more henna, more oil/s, aloe vera gel, more everything. So that mix was heavier. As you can see with this one, this mix didn't weigh my hair down as much upon application. Which is coo. I like both recipes.

I actually like this one just a smidge better b/c I used less quantities of everything. Application wasn't messy at all and it was way easier and quicker to rinse all the henna out with this mix. Only one round of co-washing to get it all out. Yessssss.. My hair feels light, fluffy, soft and great again. My strands are feeling smoother than the last time I glossed and I got bomb curl definition again.

I left the mix on for about an hour and a half this time, then rinsed, and DC'd over night with Suave Tropical Coconut conditioner and coconut oil.

I then rinsed, ACV rinsed, and then it was time for leave-ins: a lil Suave Tropical Coconut conditioner, "raked and smoothed" in hair gel with my fingers throughout my whole head and let air dry. Once dry, I did pik it out some for added volume but of course you can't see it in this pic. LOL. It looks so much better in person!

My hair is on the serious grow yall! This chlorella is no friggin joke! I plan to put in another set of mini twists early next week and rock them for another 2 weeks.


Anonymous said…
your hair is so beautiful :)
Milan said…
Thanks Olivia. I think ur hair is so beautiful too!
Shelly4you said…
can you do a review on mumtaz henna?