I <3 Henna Glosses

I used henna for the very first time and successfully completed my first henna gloss!

I took my braids down last night and here's the run down, step by step, of what I did for the gloss:

1) Pre-poo'd with: aloe vera gel, grape seed oil, and Castor oil for 20 minutes

2) Hopped in the shower and detangled first to remove all shed hairs (since I was in braids for the past 6 weeks, it was a LOT but the pre-poo made detangling breezy, baby). Man, the pre-poo made detangling flawless.

3) Cleansed with my TJ TTT that I mixed with a lil baking soda (1 cup conditioner with 2 tbsp BS). Hair felt squeaky clean without drying it out one bit.

4) Rinsed and soaked up some of the water from my hair with an old t-shirt for a couple minutes so that my hair was damp and not sopping wet.

5) I mixed my henna gloss up and applied right away (don't care about getting any color so it wasn't necessary to wait for color release), WITH PLASTIC GLOVES ON!, from root to tip, in sections, to my whole head. (Applied it like you would a virgin relaxer, basically.)

6) Wrapped my head in plastic saran wrap and then put on a plastic cap over.

7)Then wrapped my du-rag scarf around and then my hair bonnet over top.

8) I glossed overnight b/c it was late and I was tired (1 hr w or w/o heat will reap you the benefits though). So this morning, I woke up and took all 5 million layers off. LOL.

9) Rinsed all the henna out thoroughly. I first rinsed it out with just water. Then like a relaxer, I kept rinsing it out with a cheapie conditioner (Suave Tropical Coconut) till the conditioner looked white. (If still had traces of brown in it, that meant there was still some henna and you need to continue rinsing.) After 5 rinsings with the conditioner, I had it all out.

10) Followed up with AGCM style afro detangler and EVOO as a moisturizing DC and left it on with a plastic cap for about an hour and then rinsed.

11) Used the AGCM SAD as a leave in, sealed with Castor oil and let air dry.

I didn't add anything else to my hair b/c I wanted to see how it came out.

So here's the end result:

About 90% dry (the middle takes forever to dry now!)

My camera is so outdated so you can't see how crazy defined my kurls are.

The rest of the pics are in my fotki

My Consensus....

- Great strengthening and conditioning benefits

- Bomb kurl definition

- My hair is baby doll hair soft, light and fluffy

- My hair feels DIVINE!

- Application can be messy so make sure you have some towels and a t-shirt that you don't care gets mucked up. I'm going to buy a brown towel to use only for my glosses.

- Rinsing it out was very messy! (I have to go clean out my shower. LOL.)

- If you approach this treatment like it's a relaxer when it comes to application and rinsing it out thoroughly (remember rinse with conditioner, a white one preferably, b/c it can be your "color indicator" that you have it all rinsed out), you're good to go

I'm luving henna glosses. They have officially been added to my hair care regimen. I plan to do a henna gloss once a month.

Here's the recipe I ended up using:

* 50g Jamila henna (half of the box)
* 2 heaping TBSP full fat, sour cream (many like yogurt but, I use yogurt for my coconut cream treatment so I like using sour cream for my gloss.)
* 1 TBSP creamed honey
* 4 TBSP aloe vera gel

As my hair gets longer, I'll simply add more sour cream.

*****Make sure you mix your mixture in a PLASTIC bowl, with PLASTIC mixing utensils and apply with PLASTIC gloves (or your hands will be orange for a couple days. LMAO)!*****

Did I peak your interest in getting your "henna on" too?

Anyone interested, please go to Henna For Hair first and do your research. They have a forum to answer any of your questions. Curly Nikki is a moderator there and we all know how fab her hair is. People share their recipes, especially those going for different color effects, and they also have a brochure chock full of everything you need to know about henna. I highly recommend you read it and save to your comp for easy reference. I think that's the main reason, my henna experience went so smoothly.

Well, I'm out. I'm thinking of doing a fro hawk with a hump in the front for tomorrow night. I'm going out and I think that would fit my current mood b/c lately I've been feelin "super bad". My natural hair got me really feelin myself. LMAO.


Laquita said…
WoW nice results :o)
Milan said…
Why thank you! Girl, I seriously see why people become henna addicts! This gloss is the bomb!
naturallady said…
Lovely reults! Congrats on your first time using henna, I just used it for the first time two weeks ago and I love my results, my one thousand coils are still poppin. I used the Neutral (colorless) next time I will try the color, maybe:) I will also be trying your glosser, sounds interesting.
Milan said…
Thanks naturallady. You used cassia, right? I've heard great things about it as well. I wanted to try that first but ended up just getting the henna.

My hair is basically black, so there was no color change for me. I just love the way my hair feels! Like you said, the coils are seriously poppin!

If you try my glosser out, let me know how you like it. I hope it will give you great results like it gave me!
Anonymous said…
This is a random questions, but eye shadow are you wearing in the 'final result' pic? Absolutely pretty
Leila Daily said…
wow... your hair has some great length when stretched (i'm referring to the photo with the henna...)
Milan said…
I'm wearing a gold and a brown eye shadow from an eye shadow palette of mine. Nothin special. LOL.

BGLH: the gloss gave me incredible softness, shine and hang time! I'm not mad at it. LOL.
deanneboo75 said…
Thought I might want to pass on this info. I use Cassia obovata. It is "colorless henna" real henna is called Lawsonia inermis. They both do the same thing, except the "colorless one" has had no dye or anything for me to worry about that i have found. Would like to see if you compare how they rate against each other, as i have never used the dye kind.
Anonymous said…
To make it easier to apply, try putting it in a coloring bottle...like the ones that professionals use to apply hair dye. I wore a white shirt and didn't get a single drop on it. I kept wondering why people were saying it was messy because my experience was squeaky clean.