Kurly Girl Directory Add Ons

Ok, so it's time to add some more sites to the directory!

1) Check out my girl, Kinky Kurly Queen's, blog Naturally Obsessed

You probably have drooled over her hair on Fotki or You Tube and now you can chill on her blog.

She is doing her thing over there, it's an awesome place, and yours truly had the pleasure of being featured as one of the Glam Curls. So check me and the site out. The other Glam Curls that have been featured have gaw-geous hair too. Definitely drool worthy. LMAO. There's also, of course, hair care; styles; and fashion talk going on, so get on over there!

2) My Natural Hair Care Guide

3) The Coil Review

I caught wind of both of these sites when I was browsing Keep It Kinky the other day. Again awesome places. Loads of informative and entertaining articles and pics for inspiration.

All 3 of these sites are great for those who are and luv natural and looking to learn more about hair health, styles, products, etc. I feel we can never learn enough about our hair. So ladies, scoot scoot!

My Transitioning Ladies or Those That Are On The Fence:

I also feel they are soooo essential for those transitioners that are hungry for information and inspiration or those thinking about going natural but may be scared b/c they don't know where to start or anything about natural hair care. It's so beautiful to have so many resources available to us! Take advantage of them!

To see any of my past Kurly Girl Directory add ons, simply scroll down the right hand side and click on "Kurly Girl Directory" under the Hot Topics section and you'll be directed to all the great places I've dug up so far. I've found a lot of great places and as always, as I find them, I'll keep sharing them.

Take care and stay naturally beautiful! And remember, everyone else is taken; be yourself. :0)


love curls, i just get lazy with my hair...
Milan said…
So do I sometimes. LOL.
Lex said…
Thanks for posting these. Im a transitioner.
Milan said…
No problem. I'm here to learn and share with everyone. :o)