Lazy Lazy......

So, I'm headin out, to visit the fam for Easter, tomorrow morning. Have I done any packing yet? NOPE! I still have so much to do. I have to clean this place too.

I have to pack something for Sunday. "I have nothing to wear." Ugh.... Anything I would think to wear is dirty because yours truly so didn't do laundry like she was supposed to before this very day. LOL. I need to get it together.

I don't enjoy packing like I used to.......

Out of sheer boredom earlier, when I should have been packing, I decided to decorate my bottle I put my moisturizing mist in.

It's such an original piece of work, right? LOL.

Aggggghhhhh, let me go pack and clean up now.

Have a Happy Easter all!


Butterfly73 said…
Have a happy Easter also!!!

lol @ your decoration...its cute though.
Dani said…
Hi! What is in your moisturizing spritz?