MAC Style Warriors Collection

(How fresh that the one model on the pic is a fly, kurly girl. I might have to recreate that look she's rockin. It's dope.)

I'm diggin the MAC Style Warriors collection due to come out next month(Scheduled to be released 5-28-09). I got the skinny on this collection over at Specktra. I'm diggin the promotional pics and marketing for this collection.

I want all those eye shadows! Look at that awesome yellow color. I need to finish my application for a MAC Pro Card like NOW.

Lustre Drops

Still trying to figure out what these are for. Highlighting maybe? If any of you know, let a sista in on it.


Anonymous said…
I cannot wait for this collection as well. :) I still have to buy some items from the Rose Romance Collection.

You can mix the Lustre Drops with your foundation to create a luminous glow to your face, You can use it as a highlight [as you said] on your cheekbones, chin or above your brows.

take care xx
Milan said…
Thanks for sharing those tips on how to use the lustre drops!