My Most Current Regimen

So, I've got a regimen that I'm going by until further notice. I know, more than likely, my regimen will change slightly as my hair continues to reach longer lengths. My staple products are almost finalized. Thank goodness! I'm tired of trying everything under the sun. I never thought I'd hear myself say that I'm tired of buying new stuff every second. Recovering PJ! Yay! Hahaha.

So here's what my regimen is looking like these days:

* Co-wash once a week
* DC and reg wash once a week
* ACV rinse with every wash (co-wash or reg wash)
* Henna gloss once a month
* Air dry with leave-in and castor oil or shingle/finger style w/ a styling aid and air dry
* Moisturize daily or when necessary


I'm luvin my mini twists as an easy protective style as well. I leave them in anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks at a time. In that time, I don't wash my hair. When I have them in, I just moisturize them every morning with my moisturizing mist, re-twist any that may need freshening up during the duration, and tie my hair down before bed with a satin scarf; that's all folks.

And people say natural hair is so much work. LOL. Lataz gataz. ;o)


Purpleola said…
Hey girl! I so love your blog - you're such an inspiration cos I'm transitioning myself. Last relaxer was 3 months ago yay!
Do you still wash & co-wash while you're wearing your mini twists - which look way cute btw?
Milan said…
Thank you Purpleola! I'm glad I can be of some inspiration! Congrats on your transitioning and keep up the great job!

While I'm in the mini twists, I don't wash or co-wash them. I'm scared they will unravel on me. LOL. That's why I can only stand to leave them in for 1-2 weeks at a time (and I don't want them to loc up on me!).

So I just moisturize them daily and sometimes I will try to spot clean the scalp some with a damp wash cloth.